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November 1, 2015 | Diaspora Diaspora (Netherlands)

Ghanaians in the diaspora (Europe) speak out on Voters Registry

Ghanaians in the diaspora (Europe) speak out on Voters Registry

Ghanaians home and abroad have been watching and listening to the unfolding events regarding our nation's Voter Registry, in which the Electoral Commission (EC) is at the Center of the stage, with what seems to be several narratives leading to the same fact, that our nation's Voter Registry has to be credible enough to ensure true and fair Election.

The nation's largest opposition in the country - the National Patriotic Party (NPP), in its supposed civil and patriotic duties, has embarked on what many Ghanaians in the diaspora see as a bid to sell our sovereign rights to an international community that cares little about us, and/or would rather see us at each other's throat while our national resources are silently enriching their position on the global arena., by selling all kinds of doomsday scenarios to its audience.

We all agree that a good and vibrant opposition is the pride of any political system, since it serves as a political compass toward the national development of the country as a whole, but this doesn't seem to be the case with our nation's current opposition the NPP. The NPP has placed the cart in front of the horse, where the cart becomes winning an election, and the horse being the well being of our citizenry., because should the national interest be the NPP's prime goal one would expect that when you make an allegation such as this, you would also present the facts to that allegation in order for the court of public opinion and our legal structures to have an informed decision making process as to how to vote or which way to vote, and what solutions can be implemented.

In a recent forum held under the heels of the just ended international conference of the NPP in Amsterdam, a group of observers some of whom attended the conference also got together to discuss Ghana, and released a communique stating emphatically that the NPP party should be more patriotic in handling issues that borders around our national security interests, because its current posture of inciting chaos, lawlessness, and even encouraging people to look wherever Ghana's government officials are visiting in Europe and go picketing/demonstration with placards is a rather sad position to take.

Ghana indeed needs a credible Voter's Registry, and thereby government communicators must ensure that in communicating steps being taken by the EC to filter out ghost/illegal names , Ghanaians are given the facts as transparent as can be so that it doesn't leave room for unscrupulous individuals to capitalise on to propagate lies and fictions. Various civil groups in the diaspora call on the EC to work together with all the Political party communicators in insuring that media houses don't twist and turn facts to feed egoes of some political personalities keen on seeking their own individual interest as opposed to that of the nation as a whole.

Ghanaians in the diaspora call on all stakeholders home and abroad to always put our national interest first. Enough of the lies and insults. Together we can build a nation that would make us all proud . Forward ever.

A. Dodoo
Diasporan Activist
Member of NDC Holland

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