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24.10.2004 General News

Government-NRC Conspiracy Exposed

By Lens
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The Nail Rawlings Commission Report Shamefully Leaked to Anti NDC Papers Accra, Oct. 24 Lens --At long last the skeptics have begun to believe that the NRC is nothing short of a political tool to discredit the Rawlings/NDC legacy and give undue political advantage to the NPP in the December elections.

Interestingly, this lethal exposure of the sordid political conspiracy came not from those opposed to the NRC but out of the mindless haste of the two bodies, NRC/GOVT, to accelerate what the general public is now calling the "Nail Rawlings Commission" agenda.

The leakage of the report of the NRC to the Pro NPP newspapers, namely, Statesman, Daily Guide and Crusading Guide is the huge Faux Pas that has put the final nail into the political Coffin of the NRC.

Some skeptics have all this while held the opinion that the NRC was genuinely committed to the reconciliation of the country. But the leakage of the report, which was submitted to the President last week, has opened the eyes of these skeptics to the open secret that the NRC has all along only been pursuing a parochial partisan agenda while pretending to be seeking for the genuine reconciliation of the country.

The Executive secretary of the NRC had loudly boasted about the professional job that the Commission had done in terms of keeping the report away from the public until it was submitted to the government. The President also pretended that the government would not in anyway use the report for political advantage. All these talks have proven to be hollow as usual. While all these empty assurances were being given to the public, the conspirators had already given the Report to their partners in the media to prosecute the sinister anti Rawlings agenda.

The expectation had been that the content of the Report would so capture the public mind that very little attention would be paid to the fact that the report had been leaked to the Pro NPP newspapers. That is where the conspirators took a huge gamble that has backfired horribly. In one stoke, their desperate haste to achieve the very reason for which the Nail Rawlings Commission was set up, has exposed them so terribly.

The political immaturity of Mr. Kufuor and members of his regime has not ceased to baffle many observers. Readers would recall that the same gaffe was committed in the wake of the interaction between President Rawlings and the Police CID. Hardly had the interaction been over, when the video tape of the proceedings been leaked to the pro NPP media men, one of whom amateurishly rushed to call into a television discussion programme to announce

that he had seen the tape.

Unsurprisingly, both the NRC and the government are pretending they do not know how the report reached the pro NPP newspapers. Some government officials are hypocritically inferring that the printers or even the NRC secretariat could have been behind the leakage. This can only be described as the height of public deception knowing the track record of the Kufuor regime and of the NRC itself in terms of leaking information to pro NPP newspapers. Fortunately, the average Ghanaian has shown that he is more discerning than the conspirators are giving him credit for.

The overwhelming callers into Joy Fm's Super Morning Show discussion on the leakage of the Report last Wednesday, were unanimous in their condemnation and rightly pointed out that the leakage clearly exposed the fact that the NRC was nothing but a political witch-hunting body set up by the Kufuor regime to push their agenda of discrediting the legacy of the NDC and bolster NPP's dwindling chances of staying in power.

The Lens will revisit the content of the Report and the whole Joke about Ghana being reconciled by this most discredited Commission under the chairmanship of one of the most unreconciliatory personalities in Ghana, in our next editions. Readers should stay tuned.

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