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The full report unedited: NRC SHOCKER

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*Jerry's regime used crude, inhuman torture on suspects *One man had his penis burnt, another had a needle stuck into his Accra, Oct. 24, Gye Nyame Concord -- IT'S NOW OFFICIAL AND WELL DOCUMENTED. The Rawlings-led Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) military regime used bizarre, crude, cruel, inhuman torture and brutality to compel witnesses to admit concocted allegations forced down their throats. This is the conclusion of the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) in its report on the suspects of the infamous treason trial of 1986. Mawuli Dra Goka, 36, one of the tortured victims of that trial had the flesh of the younger brother of AFRC No 2 man Major (Rtd) Boakye Djan, shoved down his throat to eat. He was also given his own urine to water it down, whilst the tip of his penis was sliced up and burnt. For the then 29-year-old Kyeremeh Djan, younger brother of Boakye Djan, the beating that followed, according to his own statement “was unimaginable”.
They cut my back and gave my own meat to me to chew, the NRC captured him as saying in its Executive Summary (pages 139 -149) titled, “The Treason trial of 1986” (read full report unedited in attached story)
But what the NRC described as a display of man's inhumanity to man at its worst did not end with the two men.
Samuel Boahmah Panyin, another accused, also said his penis was slashed, burnt and a needle put into the sore (penis). He captured his experience best: “…I felt something like a lighter to burn the penis and I felt the tip being slashed then I felt something like a needle being pushed in”
His penis oozed some milky pus, both Kweku Baako, Editor-in-Chief of The Crusading Guide and Ben Epson, Managing Editor of The Daily Dispatch, two eyewitnesses who said they saw the mangled tip of the penis later told the NRC.
That was not all.
Suspect, Private Charles Koomson, was so beaten and his penis well caned he admitted he quickly accepted statements he was told to confess to.
“…From there they came out with a story and they asked me to say the same thing but I made some mistakes and they jumped on me again. From there they started caning my penis. I told them I beg them they should stop. I will do whatever they want me to do…” So disheartening are the narratives of the torture sessions as captured in the NRC report, it looks like a script made for a Christopher Lee Dracula horror film.
The torture sessions of two of the victims, Mawuli Goka and Kyeremeh Djan, were, however, singled out for the level of horror and depravity shown by their torturers.
One striking feature of the torture accounts in the NRC report is the consistence of the narrations by the suspects and how their various accounts support each other.
It also throws up incredible evidence to suggest that the victims were made to confess to a concocted fairy tale of a coup plot.
Kyeremeh Djan captures that best in his account. “We were taken into the waiting vehicle and sent to another unknown destination… Later; I was given some gari mixed with sand to eat. I felt a second hand in the pan and that was where I realized it might be Mawuli…Then somewhere along the line somebody came to me and told me to co-operate with him…he said some guns have been found in my house…he said… I was to admit knowledge of those guns and he further gave me a list of names…Names like ANABA, ATA KULULU, AFORO and others I cannot remember. I was told to tell them that the Gokas had been plotting and in fact he gave me guidelines as to what to tell the bosses.
Then I lost track because I had been blindfolded but I think in the evening or so, Mawuli was brought to meet me….We were asked to say our stories according to the guidelines we had been given before…we were separated again. I was kept under a water tank… During all these times, my urine was the only water I had. For about a week people came for me... and asked me to rehearse a story. When I was finally perfect by their standard, I BNI headquarters….
At the BNI headquarters it was there my blindfold was removed for the first time and taken upstairs to meet a panel of investigators. There, I was asked to say my story.
When I asked what story, somebody whom I later realized to be Mr. Tinga Naba (Peter Nanfuri) said I shouldn't waste his time and that I knew the story I was to tell them. if I didn't want to go back to where I had come from, so I said there as I had been told to do…..”
In its decision, the NRC indicted former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Peter Tinganaba Nanfuri, ex-Narcotics Control Board chief Charles Kofi Quantson, former Tribunal Chairman and current SFO consultant George Agyekum and the respected Doctor Koranteng of the Police Hospital for various roles played in the torture and supervision of the alleged tortures.
The lead torturer was the self-confessed senile Jack-turned-Paul Bebli. Read the full report, titled, “The Treason Trial of 1986”, below.

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