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05.10.2015 Crime & Punishment

€300,000 (Euros) Involved! As Ghanaian Fraudsters Dupe German Woman—Part Five

Another Associate Of The Fraudsters Pop Up
By William Nana Yaw Beeko
Nanabena Estelle BlanksonNanabena Estelle Blankson
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This is how another female associate of the Fraudsters by named Nanabena Estelle Blankson attacked Delina, a friend of the Victim, Madam Dagmar.

The conversation on Facebook tells it all and it appears they are not ashamed of the fraud at all.

Nanabena Estelle Blankson FB Conversation started Sept. 30th, 2015 4:38pm

Delina Please read these articles, it's about friends of us on FB

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Nanabena Estelle Blankson You again I told I you to stop sending me this bullshit

How dare you inbox me What do you really want from me What's wrong with you Delina Sorry. All I want is for you to read the articles. And to be careful.

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Don't you have anything better to do Delina Just forget it and unfriend me if you dont want any messages

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Have you been paid to disgrace him Delina No I don't have anything better to do but to help to make fraudsters public !!!!!!!!

I am a European, we don't get bribed. I have my own shop to make a decent living. She is a friend of mine, friends to each other favors. At least in Europe!

Nanabena Estelle Blankson And you advice your friend to get married to Fred? Delina She was never married to him! Where you get this stupid information?

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Really I see Tell me more Then how come she was dupe? Delina Well, your girls sure fight for those yeboahs. Did they tell you all sweet words and made promises? Of course which they never can keep! Did they get you all bewitched too?

You ask questions, why don't you read the articles. You will find all the answers there and even more information.

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Hmmmm Next time wise up ok That's what the guys in Ghana do Nowadays Ok Finding foolish women on the net to dupe and they use the money on us!!!

Delina I hear you. You live there and you have to be careful.

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Be careful of what I will never work and get my money to a guy all because of love ok

Delina So you are telling me they dupe women to spend the money with the girls there? Yes, sure. Otherwise they wouldn't get a chance to get a girl, only money counts?

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Yh like I said So you foolish womem out there should be careful not us ok

Next time find a man in your country ok Delina I am from Denmark and married a man from Denmark. I am not the woman who got conned, I am only her friend.

Nanabena Estelle Blankson She said she love the nigger the nigger said he don't love her cos she's married and now you want to disgrace him for what

Delina Sorry, which man you are talking about? Nanabena Estelle Blankson Fred I personally asked him Ok Why don't you show the face of your friend Delina As she told me, Fred got her with all that love talk, sweet words, lot of promises and even more lies, as we all know now.

Nanabena Estelle Blankson I see Delina The journalist adviced her not to show her face for her own protection. What's wrong with that?

Nanabena Estelle Blankson How old is your friend? Hahahas I see Live our Ghanaian guys for us ok Next time telll your friend to find her size ok Delina Take them, all of them. Nanabena Estelle Blankson Hahahas Delina Yes, I will tell her. Ashamed that you don't write to her directly

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Can I have her Facebook id?? Pls wanna talk some sense into her mind

Delina You can contact her within the comments on the articles. Whatever you say, she will answer you.

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Shame on you two How could you all be soo childish for this small boy to dupe you with some stupid sweet words and you just fall for it

It doesn't happen in ghana here ok Delina We all? I just know one person. And ..... It's the game of the whole family YEBOAH

Nanabena Estelle Blankson They will always use you to get money because you don't think

Delina I am not giving any money. Nanabena Estelle Blankson Tell your friend to forget the money because he has already spent it all Red

Ok Delina What's stopping you from telling her yourself? Nanabena Estelle Blankson And start her life again from square one Delina Are you afraid of the confrontation with her? Nanabena Estelle Blankson Don't have time because a got better things to do

Delina Like what? Defending fraudsters? Nanabena Estelle Blankson Instead of you adivcing your friend and helping her to restart her life look at what you're doing wasting time and money on the net which you know your she's never gonna get her money from fred

Am not defending him Ok But dear you know you ain't gonna get you money back

Delina Oh yes, you defending fraudsters. And in Germany we don't have to pay for credits for internet. We have a good internet ADSL, 24/7

Nanabena Estelle Blankson I see Delina You are defending fraudsters. And sure, you wont get her any money back. Why should you, nobody asked you? Or did Fred ask you to rip money ?

Nanabena Estelle Blankson That's why your friend got duped because the internet is free

Delina Hall OMG girl, what a stupid statement Nanabena Estelle Blankson Now I understand why Yh True So it means you people will always be duped cos you don't have anything better doing then sit your ass on the net looking for a boyfriend or whatever you called it

Delina They way you talk it makes me believe that you are with them and also in that internet scamming. Right?

Nanabena Estelle Blankson So be wise they are still on the net so many of them still looking for foolish people to be duped and they're still duping even today and last night

Whatever Delina Are you with them? How is business going? Are many of them still believe those sweet loving words which is all evil lies?

Nanabena Estelle Blankson My problem is how can you be soo stupid to give all your savings to a guy you hardly knew

How why?? Delina Nanabena, it's not me. Dagmar got duped and if you read the articles you will find out that the games was set up by the whole family

Nanabena Estelle Blankson It means you people don't think. Yh Delina You know very well we European are able to think. Nanabena Estelle Blankson Then why Oooh My dear soo sorry for you and your so called friend

How I wish I have her Facebook id Delina Why do you bother with that chat with me insteat of Dagmar? I am the wrong person

You can contact her over the articles of ModernGhana, as I stated a few times already. Why don't you?

Nanabena Estelle Blankson To talk sense into her head privately Delina Hall Do it, contact her directly Nanabena Estelle Blankson Like I said privately Dear Privately Delina You can ask her to give you her WhatsApp or whatever

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Are you not her friend anymore?? You got her number right?? Text to me like now Waiting!!!!! Delina No, you ask her directly. Or would you want any friends of yours give your numbers to a stranger? I guess not!

Nanabena Estelle Blankson I see Whatever Please dear Help your friend to restart her life again ok Delina Please ............. Don't tell me what to do! Tell your fraudster friends to be aware. Nanabena Estelle Blankson Cos she's never gonna get back her money never , just let it go OK be wise fraudsters are around all of us they are in for real business

Ok Soo sad Delina Well, you should know better then I. The police is around but whats more of interest, Interpol picks up the case. Sonner or later they have to pay for it.

Nanabena Estelle Blankson I see Delina Yes because they did damage in Germany too. So it's a case of Interpol also

Nanabena Estelle Blankson OK that's cool Make good use of the internet and stop looking for fraudsters to dupe you ok

Delina OMG - Statements like that are way below your intelligence. So why you make them?

Nanabena Estelle Blankson That's what I wanna tell your friend if I get her number

Delina We are talking in circles. Ask her directly! Nanabena Estelle Blankson OK +233.......… Thursday 10/1, 2:25pm Delina Hall Guess Nanabena, everybody know the landcode of Ghana. But what is YOUR phone number?

Nanabena Estelle Blankson Send me yours first Friday 10/2, 4:52pm Delina Hall Why you want to speak with me by phone? I don't understand.

You have a lot of friends here but somehow I don't think that a woman is behind this profile.

You chat like a man Very similar to a few men here on FB Nanabena Estelle Blankson I see whatever ok If u like u can ask those I went to the same high school with ok

U also have the only one profile pic am also thinking that u are that bitch Fred duped Dagmar!! Red Sorry

Hey u come to think of it how did u become my friend cos don't remember adding

So ure also a fraudster right you want my number so that you can dupe me right

Pls I wasn't the only one who dupe you oooo

Pls Jana Sorry Hahahas Nanabena Estelle Blankson I mean I wasn't ok I've some serious rich man looking for a wife oo

He has money OK so you will not be dupe ooo you ain't gonna pay ooo he's gonna pay hahahas OK so bring it on

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Nanabena Estelle Blankson Ooh I see so you're up to some game right I see

Delina Hall Well, I will let Dagmar have this whole - very interesting - conversation. It's up to her what she will make out of it.