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A War Will Be More Expensive Than A New Register

A War Will Be More Expensive Than A New Register
LISTEN OCT 4, 2015

Through war, a great deal of things are lost, things which range from human resource, investor confidence and others which help in the development of any country are lost and its repair or push back to its previous/initial level/stage is normally very expensive, mostly far expensive than what actually caused the war in the first place.

Countries such as Sudan, Cote D'Ivoire, Egypt and others have very good experience with respect to consequences of war.

War in most Africa countries was caused by the misunderstandings in their politics especially when the people or a group of people in the country feel cheated by a political party or/and some institutions in the country especially in the run up to or during an election.

As a result, we are shocked some people especially the people from the side of the NDC government will want to rubbish the need for a new register on the ground that government hasn't the money to finance a new one eventhough it has become very necessary now as we move into the 2016 elections due to the findings of NPP on how bloated, compromised and as a result how non credible the Election Commission(EC) Voter register has become now.

We are shocked the NDC government will say we have no money while we can easily go for the wrongly paid judgement debt monies to Waterville, Isofoton, Wayomi and other monies which the court has ordered for its refund into government's coffers but this NDC government feels unwilling to collect for reasons best known to it plus the other monies in the government coffers to do it.

We believe every money the government possess is for Ghanaians and so, a need to secure their safety(free of war) first before thinking of any other thing to do for Ghanaians.

Because of the safety of Ghanaians, which is most important, we will plead with the EC and Government to do all to help get a new voter register for Ghana and through that, help restore the confidence of Ghanaians in the voter register and the EC in general again[CDD through its research showed that Ghanaians had totally lost confidence in the EC], so as to help avoid any confusion which might spring up before or during or after the elections 2016.

The security and safety of Ghanaians must be first and most paramount among all things.

Thank you and may God be praised always

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