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23.09.2015 Crime & Punishment

€300,000 (Euros) Involved! As Ghanaian Fraudsters Dupe German Woman—(Part Two)

...How The Fraudsters Used STANBIC BANK For Most Of The Transactions
By William Nana Yaw Beeko
The Fraudsters
LISTEN SEP 23, 2015

In Part Two of this exposé and running story, the Victim Madam Dagmar, supports her claims with hard facts and documents including how the Fraudsters used Stanbic Bank to carry out the fraud.

The account details that was used for the fraud is Stanbic Bank Account Number: 0140035804XXX with the Account Name: FREMAR.

It is not sure up to now if this company really exists. It's easy to forge documents.

Some of the documents here includes Bank statements (Bank Austria) showing some transfer of money to Stanbic Bank Ghana; Bank statement (Bank Austria) dated June 14th, 2013 showing the transfer of money for Toyota Tacoma Purchase; Bank Statements (Stanbic) in Euro, Bank Statements (Stanbic) in GHS/Cedis; Bank Statements (Stanbic) by emails.

For the information of followers of this article: Frederick, Joseph and George Yeboah had been arrested in Sunyani middle of May and been transported to Kumasi. Joseph and George Yeboah had been released on bail in Kumasi, Frederick Yeboah had been transported to Accra but also where he was released on bail after a few days. He has to report every fortnight to the police in Accra (this has been told to Dagmar)

We continue with the recount of her ordeal as she narrated to the Police.

“…………..I heard many reasons from the family Yeboah and the foreman Steven Noi why they don't make a profit. Before they start working and asking me for me to send money, I have always been promised that there is so much gold at this piece of land in Asarekrom. Even though I paid 5,000 Euros for test holes they told me that they can’t find enough gold in the land now, that the police stopped the work because of a missing permission in August 2013, the Government people stopped them working because of a new law.

On Sept. 18th, 2013 Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah told me that he has new land, incl. concession, given to him by a Government employee, Mr. Wilson, in Dunkwa-Obuasi area. Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah told me that Mr. Wilson gives concessions to Ghanaian people. Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah said he needed money to move the whole equipment from Asarekrom to this, as his said prosper area, he took the money from the account.

In October 2013 Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah said that he needs money to pay to the Kings and farmers in this new land. He took it from the account.

In December 2013 Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah told me, since they didn’t make profit in the land around Dunkwa-Obuasi he wants to go together with another man nearby, who has a prosper land but no machines. I was against this but Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah did it, as he said.

Beginning of February 2014, while I was still in Kumasi, Frederick and Joe Yeboah and also Steven Noi told me that they don’t make profit there at the place, nothing is left.

I said that it’s time to sell the company incl. all equipments. Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah was against it and asked me to give him time until end of April 2014. He promised that he will have at least 100,000 Euros by than to pay back the loan in Germany.

I didn’t agree, I said he should sell everything and I can pay pack from this sale. February 26st, 2014 Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah told me that he found new land in another area of Dunkwa and asking for money to transport the machines. The account at Stanbic Bank was empty; I refused to send more money and demanded the sale of all machines and equipments.

Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah told me each month after April 2014 when he didn’t have the money as promised, that by end of the month (each month) I will get money.

With each call with George Yeboah, Richard Yeboah and Joe Yeboah I have been told that I should be patient, they will make the money to pay me back. Always I heard from all these people “trust me” and “God will help” and “have faith” and “we are doing the best” and “by end of the month we will have success”.

By September 2014 I told Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah repeatedly that he has to sell the excavators and the car. He should place an advertisement at, which he did. Every week he told me that he has interested buyers but it takes time.

By that time it was very hard for me to contact Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah. He didn’t reply to my emails and messages, and didn’t answer my calls.

I wanted to know where the excavators are located and Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah told me that one of them is in Kumasi, near the apartment he lives in; the other is in Nyinahin, which is far away from Dunkwa. I never got an answer to further questions.

End of October 2014 I found a company who was interested to take over Fremar Divine (if the company really exists) and all machines, at least my 60%. Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah told me by than that the 2 excavators and the car Toyota are in Kumasi, stored left to the AP station on the main road in Kokoben. The possible investor was trying to reach Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah and also Joe Yeboah by phone, but didn’t get answers or he’s been told that he will be called back, which never happened. Neither Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah nor Joe Yeboah ever gave information. This possible investor sent a representative to Kumasi to check the excavators but couldn’t find them at the above address which has been told to me by Frederick Yeboah. Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah also stated that he's not willing to sell.

In November 11th, 2014, Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah told me over WhatsApp that he’s in Apofor (Abofour) most of the time digging gold with another 7 men and the King of Kyebi.

They said I should come to Ghana, we will solve the problems then and he will give me some money back. But when I came short after, neither he nor anybody else of the family had time to meet me. He said he's very busy, can't leave his job.

I was in Kumasi and at the AP station myself short after; there are no excavators nearby at all. All the statements about the machines and the car has been a lie, as well as from Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah, Joseph Yeboah, Richard Yeboah and George Yeboah.

I was trying to help Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah and the family Yeboah, against the advice of my relatives and friends. All my relatives and friends were right.

Due to my help Frederick Kwadwo Boahen Yeboah was able to visit Germany 3 times, in January 2013, in June/July 2013 and November/December 2013. I made this possible for him by providing all necessary documents the German Embassy required and by paying his health insurance and his flight tickets, as well as food and accommodation. I even had personal contact with the visa department of the German Embassy in Accra after his visa was denied once. …..

……To Be Continued In Part 3

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