11.10.2004 Gossips

Rosemary Contacted To Deny

By Lens
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Accra, Oct 11, Lens -Wonders will never end as long as the NPP remains in power. A few days ago, it was the Co-ordinator of the NPP's quasi security appendage, Peace Seekers International (PSI), who was literally made to deny all what he had openly declared on air just a few days earlier. Forget about the fact that the overwhelming majority of discerning Ghanaians saw through the ruse and subterfuge and rightly treated the denial with the contempt that it deserved knowing very well the kinds of backroom jostling that evidently secured that most "reluctant and grudging denial".

Apparently, emboldened by that denunciation, the Kufuor regime has moved to orchestrate another denial. This time, the personality in question is Miss Rosemary Degraft Hayford, the daughter of the late Air Force Commander, Air Vice Marshall, Degraft Hayford.

Your authoritative Lens Newspaper, in its Friday edition last week, disclosed that current Air Force Commander, Air Vice Marshal Mantey had told Rosemary Degraft Hayford that he would not like to be held responsible if the former President H.E. Flt. Lt. Jerry Rawlings was shot by any soldier who decide to take the law into his own hands if the former President attended the memorial service of the late Air Vice Marshal Degraft Hayford.

Subsequent to that publication, a denial has, as expected, been issued from the Ghana Armed Forces. Beyond that, contacts have been made to persuade Ms. Degraft Hayford to deny ever having been told any such thing by the Air Force Commander.

Readers should not be surprised if any moment now they hear any such denial. Unless, Miss Rosemary Degraft Hayford, decides not to play the politically convenient game she is being influenced to play.

Meanwhile, The Lens has contacted President Rawlings, the man who is in the very centre of this saga for his comments.

President confirmed the authenticity of the report as published in the Lens. He said: "I know Rosemary and I know Mantey. I know when Rosemary related that story that she was relating the truth. Rosemary is known for her boldness. I know her to be a down to earth person and most of all she is known to be a brutally frank and honest person. She does not make up stories, least of all such stories. It will be a major shock if she will compromise her integrity to protect these people."

Meanwhile, stay tuned to the Lens for more juicy developments in this and other issues.

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