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11.10.2004 Gossips

64th BN

By Lens
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Accra, Oct 10, Lens - A former member of the 64th Infantry Regiment, Mohammadu Musah, says he feel like a hunted man in his own country, as the security agencies are being used to track him down for expressing views that the establishment finds unacceptable.

Speaking to The Lens, Musah stated that he has received reports from his bases in Tamale, Accra, and Kumasi of security operatives, believed to be from the BNI and Military Police-, making enquiries about him and asking of his current location.

"Why they are interested in me all of a sudden baffles me, but I can surmise that it is as a result of my unflinching support for the NDC and the leadership of the NDC. But if they think that they can intimidate me, I want to assure them that Musah is not intimidated," Musah narrated.

"I would continue to speak my mind as a free citizen of this nation, for that is the way I have been brought up and trained. Even under the strict military discipline of the 64th Infantry Regiment we were trained to speak our minds and speak it as forcefully as possible but within the bounds of respectability. This I will continue to do come what may, and no amount of intimidation and harassment can stop me, it would only harden me," Musah stated.

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