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10.10.2004 Diaspora News

Julian To Release A Poem Book "Smile Africa"

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Not only is Julian Adomako-Gyimah a business minded person but he is also an excellent writer with great deal of vision.

Growing up in a family where parents instilled discipline and great values, Julian grew up with good sense of direction and knew then what he wanted to do upon maturity. Being one of three siblings, Julian has greatly been inspired by a younger sister who is currently doing her first degree and an elder brother who has just finished his MSc in finance and pursuing his PhD.

Julian who is currently in the final year of his Master of Business Administration (MBA) is in a process of releasing his book on poetry entitled "Smile Africa". He dedicates "smile Africa" to all black people.

In his book, one of his poems "Mother Africa" talks about how beautiful our Africa continent is not forgetting how the people livng in it are blessed and should be proud of themselves.

Excerpts from the poem

"You are the kindest of all mothers in the world, I say this because of wars often caused by your children you are hurt, saddened and depressed you still love all your children I will talk about your wonders to every man black and white my mother Africa you are unique and wonderful you have produced a lot of great men kwame Nkrumah, Jomo kenyatta, Haile Selassie, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther king, Malcolm X, Yaa Asantewa and others I will love you forever love, my mother"

When asked where he gets his momentum from besides his family, Julian without mincing words said "as a young boy, I saw so many people go through acute suffering and I read most of Nkrumah's books not forgetting Luther King Jr. Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X and this has in fact changed my life for the better"

Julian, whose target audience includes all peace loving people around the world, and anybody who believes in racial equality, appeals to all to go all out and get a copy because this is a book that is worth having.

A Man With Vision During his leisure time, Julian is normally seen reading or enjoying sports. He advises people to always dig deep within themselves and establish what makes them unique from one another. He believes that out of that uniqueness lies potential. "The future of this world rests in new leaders and through my medium, I intend to add a voice that will bring potential leaders together in our various communities" he added.

Julian reiterated that after this book, another poetry book entitled "recall" will follow suite. Recall talks about nature and life in general and it also has the first five chapters talking about the african's dream, materialism, neocolonialism, exodus and wars. "I hope that these books can change the thinking of our people for the good of the entire human race" he said.

Proceeds from these books goes to Ayudar International, a non-governmental organization established by Julian to help the unfortunate kids in Africa. Ayudar, a Spanish name meaning "to help", intends to put a smile back on the faces of millions of children in Africa who have been deprived of the basic necessities in life.

Stay tuned for the release of this book.

For more information, contact or Julian on [email protected]

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