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18.09.2015 Feature Article

Why Are The Ghana Police Assaulting Peaceful Demonstrators?

Why Are The Ghana Police Assaulting Peaceful Demonstrators?
LISTEN SEP 18, 2015

What a shame to see the Ghana police used tear gas on peaceful demonstrators demanding justice for the suffering ordinary Ghanaians. The police, as corrupt and zombie-like as they appear, especially under the current Mahama-led NDC government, are trigger-happy to brutalise Ghanaians without much thought about the consequences of their reprehensible and unprofessional actions.

The Ghana police in her present state are highly partisan; heavily politicised and with a tribal outlook that unreasonably partially leans towards the government and are ready to defend her no matter what it takes and how irresponsible their behaviour may be deemed in the end.

Why is it wrong for sensible Ghanaians to demonstrate peacefully, requesting for the obviously bloated voters register to be replaced? What is their committed offence in this?

Does veering off the agreed marked routes for the demonstration really constitute a crime that merits such correspondingly heavy-handed response by the police, thus, deploying canon waters, horsewhips and batons to beat them into submission and or retreat?

Are the police strangers in Ghana? Do they not see or hear how foreigners without the right of franchise in Ghana have however been able to have their names appear on the Ghana voters register for all dubious reasons? Is that what they want for Ghana where foreigners are given the free hand to determine the direction of our future for us? Are the police that myopic without a shred of sense of nationalism in them? Do they not have foresight to see the repercussions of the dubiously bloated voters register on Ghana in the near future?

In the absence of the demonstrators fighting, destroying public or private properties (causing acts of vandalism), or committing acts that constitute crime, the police can in no way justify their bestial attitudes shown to the peaceful demonstrators.

Did veering off marked routes constitute any security threat to the public and the nation hence the need for the police to instantly subdue the crowd by employing that invariable level of brutal response?

Should the police hope to see Ghanaians silenced over their wish to get the voters register corrected, then they have failed; they are joking, for that I can assure them. We shall insist on the quest to have the register replaced with a more credible one. Why are they not ready to ensure that a credible voters register that will guarantee the country and her citizens free and fair elections come into existence? What is hard, or what is out of the ordinary, about this genuine request by discerning, although suffering Ghanaians, to have an authentic register devoid of foreigners’ and ghosts’ names bloating it, in place, please tell me, Ghana police.

Rockson Adofo
Rockson Adofo, © 2015

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