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17.09.2015 Press Release

Assault By The Police Was Irresponsible And Shameful- Stunnad

Assault By The Police Was Irresponsible And Shameful- Stunnad
LISTEN SEP 17, 2015

We want to condemn in outright terms the unwarranted unprofessional act of the Ghana police that resulted in the assault of harmless protestors on Wednesday, 16th September, 2015.

The claim by the police that they used a minimum amount of force, all in an attempt to enforce a court injunction, in our estimation is a bogus and shameful excuse. What prevented them from gathering evidence and proceeding back to the court so that these offenders would be charged with "contempt of court"? Existing videos and pictures on social media, to say the least, shows how irresponsible the police was, how ordinary Ghanaians who were unarmed were man-handled and tortured by aggrieved police officers.

We want to remind president Mahama and his party police, if they have soon onwards that not too long ago, some African leaders who sort to use their security forces to intimidate ordinary citizens to be cajoled into submission were themselves needed to flee for the fear of the masses. What happened in Accra is no different.

Our harmless advice to the police is that, they must not take the masses to be weak and timid. We want to see every policeman alive and strong to witness good and matured manner of handling crowd in the next police administration. Indeed the leadership of the police must put away their partisan uniforms because at the end of the day, they can't stop the voice of the people. After all according to Dr. Kobena Agyei "There are many ways to kill a cat". The police may next time flee. We're not police-phobia.

To all NPP faithfuls, this must be the rallying point where we rise above our pettiness to fight a common agenda. This is only but a signal of what we should expect of the police and government in the 2016 elections. The only way we can overcome is when we stand united. We SHALL NEVER RETREAT NOR SURRENDER. This singular irresponsibility of the police rather shows that we are closer to our target and in unity, we will stand.


Chris Arthur, Nat. Prz (0541173031)

Nana Kwame, Prz Ashanti Reg. (0243043915)

Ato Smith, Nat. Dpt. Sec. (0246392214)

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