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Wayo Smells 'Kululu'

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Wayo Smells 'Kululu'
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... Threatens to quit A LEADING Member of the People' s National Convention (PNC), Mr. Charles Kofi Wayo, has threatened to resign from his new-found party, the PNC, if he found out that there was "kalabule' in the selection of Mr. Danny Ofori-Atta as the running mate of Dr. Edward N. Mahama, the coalition's presidential candidate.

"I am conducting my investigation into the selection of Mr. Danny Ofori-Atta because there were rumours about him and if I found out that there was kalabule, I will not give him my support," he said.

According to the former NPP stalwart, it would have been better if the PNC went into an alliance with the Convention People's Party (CPP), which was already on the drawing board, adding that the quick jump by their leader into alliance with EGLE was something that beats his imagination.

"I thought it would have been better if we had gone into alliance with the CPP but I don't understand the reason why Dr. Mahama, has decided to join the EGLE party."

Speaking to the Chronicle, Mr. Wayo said culture and attitudinal change are the factors that affect the fortunes of the nation, He said he heard rumours that bordered on the integrity and honesty of Dr. Mahama's running mate, Danny Ofori-Atta, and that when rumours are confirmed he would declare his stand and possibly form a party.

"Power does not mean anything. Look, our biggest problem is attitude and culture. The leaders are not concerned about the plight of the ordinary citizens and I am concerned about them," he told The Chronicle in an interview on Tuesday.

According to him, though the future of the PNC lies in the hands of the electorate, there was the need to lobby with the CPP, which believes in the ideologies of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

"We are dealing with population and PNC is the off shoot of CPP," he noted, adding that elections in the country are about shows not about issues. "Our elections are about shows.

If it were issues you would not see the ministers driving big cars at the expense of the electorate who cannot afford three square meals a day let alone afford the high cost of school fees and electricity bills."

Mr. Wayo who claimed he meant well for the ordinary members dismissed the PNC's leaders decision to jump the bandwagon of the PNC executives.

"I am a straight forward man," Wayo observed. "I have to think twice and I have to get people who are dedicated and prepared to work for the interest of the masses. Some leaders are so vicious towards Ghanaians, they don't want to help," he added.

The Chronicle can report that there is trouble looming among the rank and file of the PNC when the party leader went into alliance with EGLE party and eventually elected, Dr. Danny Ofori-Atta as the running mate, which caused Mr. Dan Lartey, the leader of the GCPP to back out from the grand coalition with reasons that he was cheated.

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