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07.10.2004 Politics

Mr. Kufuor, Na Road We go Chop?

By Lens
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Amazing how changed circumstances make people forget principles that they once held dear.

Hearing Mr. Kufuor boast on his campaign trail of infrastructure developments like construction of roads and extension of electricity to rural areas as his regime's achievement makes one wonder if this is the same Mr. Kufuor who told us in the year 2000 that Ghanaians do not feed on roads.

Indeed so great was Mr. Kufuor's belief that the Ghanaian do not feed on roads that at a rally in the Brong Ahafo region he actually called on President Rawlings, the then sitting President, to come and roll away the roads that the NDC was boasting of having constructed all over the country.

Mr. Kufuor's view then was that what the people of Ghana needed was improved living standards and not roads. This view was captured in his party's campaign slogan "Hwe wo astena mu na tu aba". Today, the selfsame Mr. (oops sorry, Dr.) John Kofi Diawuo Agyekum Kufuor is telling us not to worry about our worsened standard, and high cost, of living.

Mr. Kufuor's statement that Ghanaians do not feed on roads was itself a tacit admission that roads and other infrastructure developments were not in abeyance prior to the NPP coming to power. So, since when did the people of this country start feeding on roads?

In any case, which of the roads that Mr. Kufuor is claiming credit for constructing can he honestly (do people in the leadership of the NPP understand the word?) claim that his regime solely conceived, designed, secured the funding for, and developed without an NDC preliminary input?

It is only a new born babe, or a self-willed ignoramus, who does not know that the concept, designing and, in most cases, sourcing of funding for these roads that Mr. Kufuor and his administration are claiming credit for today were done by the Rawlings/Mills led NDC.

Today Mr. Kufuor is telling Ghanaians that it is necessary to construct roads to open up the country to enhance economic activities. Good for him. But, when did he come to that realization? Was it after his circumstances changed with his becoming a President? Oh reason, thou has fled to brutish beasts!!!

I believe that it is about time Mr. Kufuor apologised to the people of this country for deceiving them into believing that he and his cronies had the magic wand that would enable them change the fortunes of Ghanaians, in his own words uttered on GTV in 2000 (while gesticulating with his forefinger for emphasis), "within one year".

Then again, come to think of it, that might just be tantamount to asking for the moon, as it is clear that the John Agyekum Kufuors of this world do not do anything, not even things universally accepted as becoming of honourable men, if it would not accrue any political advantage to them.

If the political class of this country would take the electorate serious and treat us with the respect we deserve, then the electorate ought to be showing politicians who show predilection to resorting to deceit and subterfuge that we are wide awake.