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07.09.2015 Feature Article

The Modern Christian Saga

The Modern Christian Saga
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“Kristo Sum Wa Akum3 Mu”( Chrsitanity is in the heart) we always say when we do anything antithetical to our faith and we are questioned. The dilly-dally nature of some Christians absolute submission to the God they believe in has really raised an eyebrow in the church either by the church board and a few concerned Christians like myself. I assume there is no saint but a sinner in transition.

But my question is, for how long will the transit be? Do we always have to end like the thief who said his last word on the Cross? What if that day never come across? Let’s move on. My very good friend and a learned colleague at the Kanda Assemblies of God, Solomon Rehoboth Kpodo the President of the Rehoboth Ministry once said: before our generation was an Old Testament believer and a New Testament regime, I don’t know the next gestational breed though, looking at how “gaga” the youth of our generation is behaving.

We have a generation of young adult who will drink excessive alcohol and get drunk and wake up the next morning only to say Christianity is in the heart, so far as my heart is clean then I’m still in line. But you see, what am saying is that the body is also the temple of the Lord ( 1 Corinthians 6:19). A young woman will tell you, God didn’t make Christianity stringent like our pastors portray it on the pulpit, so I can date and “undate” any man I want, who cares about the broken heart after all its not a broken home. You know, all I’m saying is that Mathew 6: 22B says if your eye is one your whole body will be full of light.

That talks about focus and the Golden rule in Matthew 7: 12 has not changed, in fact God will not bend the rules to please us. Honorable Emmanuel Mbalam, CEO of LendingSquare Marketplace, once shared with me that in the Old Testament the focus was God, in the New Testament the focus was Jesus Christ but in our days the focus is man, which is why a friend can lie about you just to get favor from a pastor. We have resolved to pleasing men at the expense of the integrity of the Word of God. So if what we do pleases man then we are okay.

Some Christians can commit serious disdainful sins and ‘grammatise’ it with nice phrases that will make the sin attractive. For instance, you live in a room with a lady you are not married to and you do the forbidden act that are only permitted for married couple and you couch it ‘cohabitation’. You know very well that you are single and still searching but not ready to mingle yet you just had sex and you say its ‘premarital affair’ when you know very well that its fornication.

A married man or woman breaking the ‘da vinci code’ of the wedlock instituted by God and you say it is called ‘after marital affair’ knowing very well it’s adultery. You see, I think we don’t put much emphasis on our lifestyle because of the grammar attached to the act. The bible said we should go and look for the book of the Lord and read it ( Isaiah 34:16) yet we go looking for people to defraud, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you( Matthew 6:33) yet we seek first cash, car and cry at the end and we expect the kingdom to follow us.

We have iPads and iPhones yet don’t Pay our tithes, We don’t argue when it comes to buying stuff for our fiancées or buying rummy for party but we argue about tithes and offerings whether to pay on the gross or pay on the net, well if you want a net blessings you pay on the net and if you want a gross blessings you pay on the gross. We hate and hurt people for unreasonable reasons best known to us. We wake up from bed and the first thing we stretch forth our hands to pick is the phone to check who ‘whatsapped’ or what facebook notifications we had.

If God is the same yesterday, today and forever like we confess at church every now and then, then why the word Modern to our faith? Anyway let’s assume things have changed, but has God changed? If No then why this American type of Christianity? Sorry, I was only quoting my brother Prosper Adjei Kafui who is an aspiring Usher ( he wanted to be an Usher 4 years ago). But the last time we spoke, he said his ministry in the church is yet to be created. Hmmm! issues dey oooh. He said any Christian who drinks, smoke, womanize all in the name of personal weakness and refuse to adhere to the fact that discipline, spirituality and obedience are components of Christianity is an American Christian.

Readers, please don’t take offense, am only bringing to your notice what the disciples of Jesus never did but we are doing all in the name of modernity. Errmm!! The last time a number of us went out to ‘sit’ and then some folks ordered for soft drinks, hmmmmm. Can u imagine those who took soft drinks were warned that today ends their association with this particular group of colleagues? They didn’t steal or rob a bank, their offense was that they ordered for soft drinks when others were drinking… ( you can imagine).

Considering all the above, am sometimes forced to believe Zachariah 7:13 despite the endless love of God, that Just as God is calling and we refuse to hear so shall it happen that we will also call and He won’t hear ( someone will say it is debatable), well, please am not debating on anything, bible has blatantly stated. I agree with my far-fetched mentor Mahatma Ghandi, the then Prime Minister of India when he said “I believe in your Jesus, but I hate your Christians because they don’t live like him”.

In conclusion, let’s be conscious of this; we are the beacon of hope to the oppressed, we are the only bible the deaf and dumb can only read. Our lifestyles should be the reason why the marginalized people in the society will want to also make a positive impact before vacating the face of the earth.

Yours in the vineyard,
R. Duafah
([email protected])

Richmond Duafah
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