Prostate Cancer Intervention In Ghana On Awareness Month-September 2015

Feature Article Prostate Cancer Intervention In Ghana On Awareness Month-September 2015
SEP 7, 2015 LISTEN

September is celebrated as global prostate cancer awareness month. The men’s charity in Ghana, Men’s Health Foundation Ghana was featured on GTV breakfast show on Thursday 03-09-2015 to discuss National prostate cancer intervention.

The intervention focused on prostate cancer and black race. we proposed lot of recommendations for the country Ghana key on the discussion is our call on the president to recognized the father’s day as a national prostate cancer day in Ghana because we believe this will go a long way to fight against the disease. We also proposed training of health workers in prostate cancer to fight against the disease in Ghana.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among black men. They are fathers, brothers, and sons -- and this year, more than 1,000 of them are expected to be diagnosed with this disease. During Global Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we honor all those whose lives have been touched by this disease, and we renew our commitment to reducing its devastating impact through more effective prevention, detection, providing relevant information, pushing for a national recognition of the father’s day as a prostate cancer day in Ghana as this will go a long way to help raise awareness on the disease in the country and treatment.

In Ghana, the mortality rate for prostate cancer is very high, but too many men -- an estimated 800 this year -- will die from this disease, and even more are at risk. 1 in 5 Ghanaian men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Increased awareness can help these men make informed choices about their health. While the exact causes of prostate cancer remain unknown, medical research has identified well-established risk factors with which men should be familiar, including age, family history, and race. Men’s Health Foundation Ghana, encourage all men, especially those at higher risk, to talk with their doctors about how prostate cancer could affect them.

The men’s charity continues to raise awareness, invest in future critical research to help better prevent this disease and treat it with fewer side effects, and to further our understanding of the disproportionate impact prostate cancer has on black men.

As part of our campaign and advocacy, we believe that the NHIS should incorporate free prostate check for men 40years and above and men 35years who have family history of the disease once a year. We also believe that more options for quality, affordable health coverage should be available and new protections should be in place, expanding access to life-saving care for millions of Ghanaian men, including those impacted by prostate cancer. The NHIS should no longer deny men treatment for prostate cancer.

Even as we continue the urgent work of improving care, too many lives will be disrupted and too many families will experience the pain of prostate cancer. But we must remain steadfast in our commitment to ease the burden of this disease, and every day we must continue to work toward a future free from cancer in all its forms.

This month, as we come together to raise awareness about prostate cancer, we remember those we lost to this disease. Let us support the patients who continue to battle this cancer each day and the families who stand by their side, and recognize the tireless work of our Nation's health care providers, researchers, and advocates.

NOW, Men’s Health Foundation Ghana, as the biggest men’s health charity in Ghana, we are encouraging all Ghanaians, corporate institutions, men’s club, media etc to use this September 2015 celebrated as global prostate cancer awareness month as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, to encourage all citizens, government agencies, private businesses, non-profit organizations, and other groups to join in activities that will increase awareness and prevention of prostate cancer.

As part of our activities to mark the global prostate cancer celebrations, the men’s charity is using this month to organize seminars on sex after prostate cancer treatment as this subject is very important to the quality of life of Ghanaian men diagnosed with prostate cancer. The men’s charity will also paid a visitation to some media houses to help send the message to the people. The men’s charity believes Ghanaian men deserve better treatment for prostate cancer.

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