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04.10.2004 Politics

So far so good?

By Lens
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So far so good because political opponents like Danny Ofori Atta can have their homes searched on two occasions without the necessary search warrants for some spurious reason that he is concealing arms in his home, and the IGP and his commanders claiming that they have no idea about such a sensitive operation being carried out in the house of a leader of a political party.

So far so good because the security agencies under the inept and evil government of Kufuor, without any respect for holy places because of the deep black occultism being practiced at the top, can storm churches on the Sabbath day and pick up innocent and honest Ghanaians who have served the nation faultlessly just to show them where power lies.

So far so good because a minister of state in the person of a shady character called Mocta Bamba, can forge the signature of a fellow minister and use the letterhead of the office of the president and try to get banks to grant him loans only to be caught pants down and the president not giving a damn about such a plain act of thievery in this declared period of zero tolerance for corruption.

So far so good because the confused and very ineffective vice president, in spite of the fact that he has misused state funds, (under the supervision of lisping and opportunistic Andrew Awuni), to wage a war on indiscipline, can sit idle and watch close associates like Sulemana Jeremiah, use his name to dupe innocent women by way of promising to get them visas, as well as condone the indiscipline of his son Farouk who spends more time on booze, parties and girls than on his studies and is on the verge of being thrown out of university.

So far so good because the wicked and evil NPP can send a judge prematurely to his grave by calling him to the castle and forcing him to jail innocent citizens just to satisfy the wickedness of the NPP as well as paint the NDC black in the eyes of Ghanaians, only for the poor judge to die after the ruling because his soul was not at peace and tormented him out of this world.

So far so good because for the first time in the history of Ghana, the poor worker has to contend with a salary reduction supposedly because some so called faulty computer had made a mistake and overpaid them - throwing the governments expenditure out of gear and to correct the anomaly, the salaries had to be reduced in the following month in order to balance the equation.

So far so good because the National Organiser of the NPP, Lord Commey, can plaster the face of a fellow party member and a former girlfriend with a staccato of slaps in the full glare of the police just because she, who should most probably know the sexual orientation of Lord, referred to him as a homosexual, and the police doing nothing about the assault and rather escort him out of the place.

So far so good because after plotting to kill Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni, and failing to execute it to perfection by the grace of Allah, the police quickly moves in to tow the car from the accident scene even before investigators could get there, and in the process wiping out any evidence that might expose the diabolical plot. Then the same police service issues a silly and fallaciously hasty statement claiming that what happened was a natural happening and that the NDC should not suspect any foul play. Why the need to rush out with such a statement? Is it a case of bad air being released and somebody quickly declaring his innocence when others have not even realized that the air has been fouled? So far so good indeed!!!