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30.08.2015 Feature Article

Let Talk About Sex And Prostate Health: What Men And Women Need To Know For Optimum Prostate Health(1)

Let Talk About Sex And Prostate Health: What Men And Women Need To Know For Optimum Prostate Health(1)
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I call prostate cancer “couples disease” that is why I asked you last week to reclaim your Manhood! So I know today’s subject would be of help to lots of Ghanaian men and women partly because there is lot of myths surrounding this issue of concern about sex and prostate cancer risk. In Ghana, I quite remember one day I went to pay a urologist a visit at the Ridge Hospital and I met this woman who saw men and said” Don’t you think that if the men stop having too much sex this prostate cancer or whatever would stop in the country” I laugh at this woman because of her ignorance, but you see , most of our women in the country believe this and they think most of the todays prostate conditions or demons result from frequent sex or infidelity on the part of the men.

One notable case study was a 60year old man in Somanya who refused to have his prostate check at a church free screening program. I ask why and he told me that in case they found something with his prostate his wife would leave him because the wife may think that he slept with other woman apart from her. It took me sometime to convince the man and the woman before he took part in the screening process. So you see what is going on. I have decided to use the month of September as it mark the global prostate cancer month to organize seminars on sex and prostate health to educate men and women on this important subject. Please inform your colleagues to also read this important article.

Sex and prostate health are an important area of concern for men. And rightly so and I don’t think any man up there doubts this unless probably you are not aware of this! I know by the time you finished reading this article you may want to ask what about celibacy and what should they do? How many times should I have sex in a month or week?

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Hahaha! Now let talk about sex and prostate health come on now!

I have been asked several times of questions like these:

Does sex harm our prostate gland?

Is sex good for our prostate?

Is too much sex harmful?

Is too little sex harmful?

What about if you have a prostate problem?

What about sex after prostate surgery?

What about sex after prostate cancer?

What about prostate massage benefits?

Can prostate massage be non-sexual?

What about sexual prostate massage?

What erectile difficulties can happen?

These questions trouble men and often men are afraid to ask them or share with other men. So I decided to provide answers to these questions.

Does sex harm your prostate gland?

The obvious answer is NO!

Sex in general is very good for your prostate whether by yourself or with a partner. We were designed to have sex as a natural part of life.

Releasing seminal fluids and ejaculate both produced in the prostate and other areas of the sexual organs is highly beneficial to the prostate because it moves fluids that can stagnate in the prostate.

Notwithstanding, from what I said, there are occasion when as men we have to be careful around the prostate. If you are a man and you have for instance, severe inflammation from an infection in the prostate, or prostatitis, then it may be best to get the advice of your doctor first.

Sex and prostate health do go hand in hand! Sex is like grieve, you can decide to have anytime you want to or with a partner if you agree. We will examine the question of frequency later on.

Is sex good for your prostate?

Sex is a natural design by God and very valuable function for the prostate gland because it moves fluids and helps to reduce toxins that can build up in the prostate gland. Remember in the functions of the prostate gland, I told you that one of the functions of the prostate is to remove toxins. One of the reasons that prostate massage is recommended is to help in the removal of these toxins. Sex does this automatically as long as you ejaculate. You see, the reason some men have congested prostate is their lack of sex!

Sex and Prostate Health:

Too much or too little sex ... harmful?

This is the question for sex and prostate health.

Too little can lead to stagnation and too much can weaken the body by reducing energy reserves. Monks and recluse meditators benefited from non-sexual prostate massage because otherwise a stagnant prostate could not eliminate toxins in celibate monks. Prostate massage provides stimulus to the prostate resulting in increased blood flow, fluid movement and improved prostate health.

In the Tantric and Taoist traditions of the East, advanced sexual techniques were developed so that men could control their ejaculations. It was thought that frequent ejaculations would weaken a man. So techniques of injaculation were developed whereby semen is released internally and retained in the body.

Developing control of the male G-spot, the prostate gland, is how this was done. You can practice this yourself by doing prostate kegel exercises and by pressing firmly with your finger on the external male G-spot just before the point of no return.

This spot is the perineum area just about an inch below the scrotum. Try this technique. You can experience wonderful orgasms without ejaculation if you master the method.

So, how often is it OK to ejaculate externally?

The best gage is to see how you feel. If you feel tired and shattered by it then reduce the frequency. If it leaves you feeling great, then sex and prostate health is a natural. Other researchers believed that ejaculating 21 times in a month reduces a man’s prostate cancer risk, however, it is not the number of times you ejaculate in a month, and once you ejaculate fine you are on cause. I don’t believe the argument should be based on the number of frequency but you knowing yourself and what is good for you but sex is good for your prostate health.

In those Eastern traditions, the older a man became, it was recommended he ejaculate less ... but injaculations were fine.

If you want an amazing product for your prostate health and to maintain strong erections, then this is what was used in polygamous societies of the east. It allowed men to have multiple partners and to keep them happy.

What about sex after prostate surgery?

Sadly, sex after prostate surgery becomes a problem for many men who have gone under the knife. The reason is simple: the prostate erection nerves are easily damaged. Once this happens, normal sexual function can be compromised.

This new study proves the point:

"Up to 10 years after treatment, more than 95 percent of men had some degree of sexual dysfunction, Taylor's team found. And about half had urinary symptoms." Side Effects Persist After Prostate Cancer Treatment

What about sex after prostate cancer?

Also, sex and prostate health after prostate cancer hinge on a lot on the treatment type you have received. Prostate surgeries combined with chemotherapy are the worst in terms of sex after prostate cancer. Practically all conventional medical treatments for prostate cancer do not have good outcomes for sex and prostate health.

Remember that your prostate gland is vital for so many functions and is easily conceded by modern treatments for prostate cancer. It is much better to undergo watchful waiting while doing all you can to improve your health by removing toxins and improving your lifestyle. Cancerous cells can then disappear while your immune system gets stronger.

Studies now confirm that life expectancy is not improved by prostate cancer surgeries and intervention. For optimum sex and prostate health, natural healing is the choice with the best outcomes.

What about prostate massage benefits?

Prostate massage is very helpful for sex and your prostate health. Why because it removes toxins allowing stronger and longer erections. Many men with erectile difficulties benefit from prostate massage.

Prostate massage can be non-sexual. It used to be normally done by urologists up until about 30-40 years ago.

Prostate massage benefits you and your prostate in two very significant ways:

one, it increases blood flow to your prostate, and

two, it releases fluids and flushes toxins.

Perhaps most importantly, prostate massage benefits your prostate by increasing blood circulation to that area. This is a key benefit of massage in general. Men with congested prostate also benefits from prostate massaging.

Blood Flow:

Our long sitting habit is not good for us as men. By sitting all day, as most men now do because of our busy working duties, we limit the flow of blood to the prostate and this is one of the causes of our prostate troubles, especially when combined with all the other factors discussed in this platform on prostate world.

Prostate massage helps feed the prostate gland by increasing circulation to the area, bringing fresh oxygenated blood flow, thus benefiting many prostate conditions.

You can ask your health practitioner for advice on whether prostate massage can be beneficial for you. There have been instances where vigorous massage has caused more harm than good. That's why careful and gentle prostate massage techniques are essential. For prostatitis conditions it is not recommended.

Prostate Gland Flushing:

Other benefits come from the flushing of fluids and toxins from the prostate with massage.

As I wrote before one of the most important functions of the prostate is to remove toxins from our sperm? So if you can't remove those same toxins from your prostate gland then they accumulate and can begin to create prostate disease. Yes, your lifestyle choices have something to do with waking up multiple times every night to pee! See you next week for the concluding part.

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is a registered alternative medical practitioner who specializes in prostate cancer - studied the Masters program in prostate cancer-Sheffield Hallam University, UK. He is a PhD candidate in prostate cancer and alternative medicines, Indian Board of Alternative Medicines Academy, Kolkata, India and the founder of Men’s Health Foundation Ghana; De Men’s clinic and Prostate Research Lab in Dodowa, Akoto House. Tel: 0541090045, 0500106570. E.mail:[email protected].

Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, PhD
Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, PhD, © 2015

Prof Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is an honorary professor of holistic medicine-Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University, Ukraine and the President of Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, Tema Community 7, Post office. Column: RaphaelNyarkoteyObu

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