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28.08.2015 Social News

Trumpet Africa production premieres 'Headmaster' movie

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Accra, Aug. 28, GNA - Trumpet Africa Productions has premiered a movie christened the Chronicles of Odumkrom 'The Headmaster' in Accra.

The 143 minutes movie is a humorous yet poignant social drama about personal sacrifice, self-help and volunteerism in a typical Ghanaian village.

Against all odds, Master Andoh (Charles Kofi Bucknor) decided to lead the rebuilding of the only village school, which was destroyed by a powerful rainstorm.

Mr Andoh, popularly called Master, was a very dedicated retired teacher keen on educating his pupils to acquire knowledge and improve themselves to become better citizens for the community and country.

He and his staff managed to run the school in a dilapidated block, with no funds for repair or refurbishment, yet in spite of all these difficulties, the school remained opened.

One April morning, a big storm brings the world of Master crushing down. The storm completely destroys the school such that unless rebuilt students could no longer attend school in the building.

The headmaster decided to mobilise the community to rebuild the new school through communal labour and voluntary cash donations.

He soon noticed that it was not a simple task to energise an apathetic community and so his call for volunteerism soon split the town into various factions.

One group of people that supported Master Andoh agitated that the town should build the school, while the second group took the view that it was not the duty of the town to build the academic facility.

Rather, it was the government's responsibility to provide schools in communities.

While the town tried to resolve this, some town folks vowed to stop the building of the school all together and against these and in the face of dwindling support and non-committal from his community, Master Andoh made a big sacrifice, he decides to pawn his only daughter, a 16- girl, who he loves dearly, to a notorious money lender in town for a loan to build two classrooms.

Dr Tetteh Abbeyquaye, the Producer of the Movie expressed that hope that the movie would serve its intended purpose to educate, to entertain, to uplift, as well as encourage selflessness and volunteerism.

He said as part of the production's corporate responsibility, he pledged to give a portion of its profits to charity, particularly, in the areas they film.

He said the production house was dedicated to producing quality documentaries and feature films that would help preserve and promote African culture through film, music and various performance arts.

'We believe that in addition to entertainment; film remains a powerful vehicle for education, development and the preservation of history and culture,' he added.

Dr Abbeyquaye was of the view that the movie would contribute its small part in rejuvenating the film industry in Ghana.

He said the online version of the premiere would be done on September 10.

Mr Ernest Abbeyquaye, the movie Director said the film intended to promote and bring back the spirit of communal labour in the Ghanaian society.

He said financing is a challenge in movie production and called on corporate institution to support film making to grow and develop the creative arts industry.

The cast includes: Charles Kofi Bucknor, Doris Sackitey, Theodora Amuah, Fred Amugi, David Dontoh, Clement Bonney, Adjetey Anang and Eddie Nartey.


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