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27.08.2015 General News

Pre-Departure Hajj Orientation Held

Pre-Departure Hajj Orientation Held

A pre-departure orientation for this year’s would be Pilgrims to the Holy land of Mecca had been organized at Nima with a call on the pilgrims to abide by the rules and regulations governing the Hajj Pilgrimage.

The one-day program which was put together by the Abusuaba Travel and Tours limited and aimed at equipping the Pilgrims with the necessary techniques, dos and don’ts , experiences and difficulties associated with the Hajj, brought together both would be pilgrims, family members ,scholars as well as the media.

Participants were schooled on the virtues and excellence of Hajj and Umrah, Hajj conditions and obligations, types of hajj difference between Hajj and Umrah as well as the practical ways of performing Umrah and Hajj.

Other topics touched on were the pillars of Hajj and their significance, obligatory acts of Hajj and significance amongst others.

Speaking at the forum, Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Botchway, an Islamic scholar explained that Hajj is the 5th Islamic pillar and one of the most significant has the objective to forgive mankind of his or her entire shortcomings . The Hajj period according to Him, starts from the 1st of the Shawwaal Islamic month until the 10th of Zul-Hijja month.

According to the Islamic scholar, the Umrah, unlike the Hajj is performed in a single day and has four pillars. He mentioned the Ihram [intention], Tawaaf[circumambulation of the Kaaba],Safa and Marwa hills climbing and the shaving as the pillars of Umrah.

He further mentioned that the Hajj pilgrimage according to Prophet Muhammad[PBUH], has its own rights and dictates which must be adhered to by any Pilgrim to the Holy land .

Pilgrims, Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Botchway indicated needs to be well understood by Pilgrims before their departure hence the practical aspect of both the Hajj and Umrah been part of the topics treated during the program.

He thanked participants and further expressed the hope that the topics treated will be effective to the pilgrims when the Hajj commences. He called on other travel and tours and traveling agents involved in the Hajj business to organize such forums to help give the pilgrims a better understanding of the Hajj and Umrah before they depart the shores of Ghana .