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27.08.2015 Opinion

Examination Malpractices And Solution

By Boakye Julius Anti
Examination Malpractices And Solution
LISTEN AUG 27, 2015

Examinations, which are popularly known as exams are being conducted in every regorgnised institution that deals with academic excellence and records with the aim of equiping students with knowledge and expploring the studying and undastanding rate of students with regards to formal education.

It's obvious that Examination malpractice is gradually turning out to be normal in our society and the nation as a whole.Many are students who ignorantly engage their selves in examination malpractices without considering the consequences and effects involved.

One of the commonest exam malpractices is the fun of students entering exam hall with "apo",such victims are those who make late preparations towards examination.They are often tempted to enter exams hall with foreign materials in order of preventing their parents and guardians from punishing them.

Another exam malpractice aslo include,the exchange of papers in exam room by students eventhough they've being cautioned to do independent work.They disregard the need and significance of doing independent work and do what pleases them which is very bad for people who are under training.

Moreover,some teachers and exams officials delebrately leak exams questions to students and the public for their selfish gains,this act has recently lead to the leakage of BECE papers to students and after the cancellation of such papers,many students had all sort of effect and others nearly lost

thier lives.
So having known the basics of examination malpractices,there is the need for drastic measures to be taken within the shortest possible time to suppress and ensure the non-existance of cheating and exams malpractices in the country.

Moreover,it will be fair enough if victims of exams malpractice and wantoly one's who break school rules and regulations are peanalize without the interferance of any parent or guadian.Punishing students will enable them to depart from such habits since when one spares the rod,he spoils the child.

School authorities should also note that,a measure of success can be achieved if counselling sessions are held regularly for recalcitrant students who still endulge in such practices alongside teachers who condone such fraudulent acts.

The schools and other academic institutions brings up most of our leaders in the country and so if students are not trained well,they will grow up to become corrupt and dishonest leaders which will later affect the development of the country.

The evidence is obvious,the rate at which examination malpractices is causing harm increases day by day.We cannot sopport something which is in relation to corruption and has future implications and effect on our economy.we ought to desist students and teachers from examination malpractice so as promoting good and responsible citizens in the country.

God bless Ghana.

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