30.09.2004 General News

God Sent Rawlings to Punish Ghanaians - Prophet

By Chronicle
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.... Nkrumah brought a curse on the nation ... Kufuor is a Messiah Mr. Moses Growther, a prophet has stated that the former President, Flt. Lt. (rtd.) Jerry John Rawlings was a man sent by God to punish us Ghanaians for our iniquities and disobedience to Him, hence the serious economic suffering visited on the nation.

According to him, Ghanaians became indolent, after inheriting a curse from the leadership of the first President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah that any government who toed the line of his ideological principle would worsen the nation's economic situation.

Speaking to The Chronicle yesterday, Prophet Growther explained that Dr. Nkrumah brought a curse on the nation when he adopted the name Ghana, which had already been associated with evil spirits from the then Ghana Empire in Southern Sudan to replace the first name of the land, "Gold Coast."

The Prophet said also that when the CPP founder assumed the mantle of leadership of this country after independence, he contributed to the bondage by promoting prostitution, idol worship, smuggling, gambling, bribery in the country, which vices had catapulted the nation into serious economic wretchedness.

Mention was also made of his dictatorship rule, Preventive Detention Act, self-acclaimed god and the change of currency from the pounds sterling to cedis.

"Nkrumah formed the Young Pioneers Movement, whose members worshipped him as a god during his reign and this was against the will of God Almighty hence, Ghanaians were enslaved to America," he pointed out and continued that America owed it a duty to help Ghana.

Growther, who claims Mr. Rawlings, was the punisher of Ghanaians' halfhearted attitude to work, paganism, gambling and disobedience to God, recommended President John Agyekum Kufuor and his NPP government to the people of Ghana as the 'Messiah' to lead the nation out of its economic doldrums.

According to the Prophet, he had a vision from God in which he was told that only people from the Danquah-Busia tradition could liberate the nation from the curse but stressed that something had to be done about the name Ghana.

He called on Ghanaians, in particular, the President of the Republic, to go back and adopt the then Gold Coast, as it is a blessed name in disguise.

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