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25.08.2015 Business & Finance

Investors' Holdings Reduce

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Investors' Holdings Reduce
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The face value of investors' holdings at the Central Securities Depository (CSD) declined by 2.44 percent from a face value of GH¢28.8 billion recorded at the end of the first quarter of this year to GH¢28.1 billion at the end of the second quarter.

The holdings of foreign investors experienced a downturn of about 2 percent from GH¢6.8 billion in the first quarter to GH¢6.6 billion during the end of second quarter.

The Depository processed and paid about GH¢16.15 billion to 339,981 investors as interest and maturity proceeds during second quarter, representing an increase of 0.28 percent compared with an amount of GH¢16.19 billion paid to 307,758 investors during the first quarter.

Out of the GH¢16.15 billion paid to investors during the second quarter, about 96 percent and four percent were processed and paid as maturity and interest payments respectively.

Issued securities
The face value of securities issued by Government of Ghana, Cocoa Board and Bank of Ghana (BoG) during the second quarter was about GH¢14.08 billion, an increase of 63.29 percent over the value of GH¢8.62 billion securities issued during the same quarter in 2014 by the same issuers.

Out of the total issued securities of GH¢14.08 billion in the second quarter, Government of Ghana, Cocoa Board and Bank of Ghana issued 90.21 percent, 2.58 percent and 6.99 percent respectively.

The target of the three issuers (GoG, Cocoa Board, and BoG) for the second quarter was to issue GH¢14.63 billion compared with a target of GH¢16.72 billion during the first quarter.

The total number of bids submitted during the second quarter was 310,660 compared with 313,755 bids in the first.

Out of the 310,610 bids submitted during the second quarter, 308,940 bids were successfully accepted by the three issuers whilst 1,720 bids were rejected.

The total number of securities issued by GoG, Cocoa Board and BoG during the second quarter was 76 compared to 82 issued securities in the first quarter.

Of the 76 issued securities, Government of Ghana issued 54 securities, Cocoa Board issued one (1) security whilst Bank of Ghana issued 21.

Dematerialised Shares
Out of the total volume of 9,987,027,389 shares issued in the equity market of Ghana, a total of 8,526,685,646 of the shares have been dematerialised by the Depository from paper share certificates into electronic share certificates.

The volume of dematerialised shares constituted 85.38 percent of the total volume of shares issued on the Ghana market as at the end of the second quarter.

By Samuel Boadi

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