Voices Of African Mothers Project - Ghana 2015

By Bruno Denise
Projects/Developments Voices Of African Mothers Project - Ghana 2015
AUG 22, 2015 LISTEN

Wars do not build nations, rather they destroy them, bring unnecessary pain, hunger, distress and suffering. There is an alternative to war which is the promotion of peace, the sharing of resources and the creation of understanding among all people. For this great solution to minimize war in our society by sharing resources and creation of understanding formally was initiated by the President of VAM Nana Fosu Randall, VAM is embarking on numerous schemes across Africa especially Ghana. This is to help people attain quality educational and economic opportunities in the society.



In education, VAM is currently enrolling about eleven children from Equatorial Guinea in Ghana to acquire certificate in basic education. This will also help the children to learn and speak the English language fluently

The project is sponsored by the First Lady of Equatorial Guinea, Mrs Constancia Mangue Nsue de Obiang a patron of VAM.

“The First lady of Equatorial Guinea is a good friend of mine and also as a patron of VAM has done a lot for the organization, therefore, anything VAM will do she is part of it. May the good LORD bless her” Said the President of VAM.

VAM is emplaning this project to promote the exchange of culture and promotion of peace in the African continent. The children are now being enrolled at John William Montessori School at Tanoso a suburb of Kumasi and are wonderfully performing in their academic work.

VAM do not only enroll Equatorial Guinean children but also has many children from poor and needy families from the neighboring communities of Tanoso who are currently enrolling in the school to obtain basic education.



Nana Fosu Randall,the President of VAM and her late husband, Prof. John L. Randall procured a vast land of two hundred acres (200 acres) and has established a Girls` school at Sogakope in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The school (VOICES Of AFRICAN MOTHERS GIRLS' ACADEMY) which will be opened in january 2016 is established to help improve education especially for the poor and needy in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Voice of African Mothers has also procured 33 acres of land for the establishment of a new Senor High School at Bisease in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.



You will be overwhelmed to know how Voices of African Mothers (VAM) is improving health care delivery as part of its responsibilities.

VAM over the years has been able to give good health care to children who are physically challenged and to educate them as well.

VAM does all these to make sure that these children do not feel being neglected by the society but rather make them feel they are part of the world.


Recently VAM has registered over two hundred and fifty children and still counting at Tanoso community a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana to enroll them onto the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

The project initiated by the founder and president of Voices of African Mothers, Nana Fosu Randall had now helped parents of the community to overcome the problem of high cost of health care services. Dr. Kwaku Banfo Bandoh the co - founder of Tanoso Hospital where the registration exercise took place revealed that, most parents could not afford the cost of health care delivery for their children and that VAM 's initiative has come to help the community immensely.


This was clear at the registration exercise where some parents came with their five or eight children to patronize the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).



Voices of African Mothers has the good will to help all people including the physically challenged.

Emmanuel Akwasi Nyamekye who is challenged with the problem of speaking but can hear is now being enrolled at John William Montessori School also under the care of Nana Fosu Randall the founder of Voices of African Mothers. Emmanuel, according to his parents was not able to speak at the age of one so he was sent to hospital for medical care. But due to financial problem the parent could not afford the cost of medical care treatment as prescribed by the doctor. He was therefore brought back home.

The parents latter divorced and that even worsened the case.

Thank God somebody recommended John William Montessori School founded by Nana Fosu Randall to the mother of Emmanuel; he is now one of the best pupils in his class. His hope is to one day become a medical doctor though he is a great footballer in the school.

Emmanuel is very intelligent, respectful, and responsible.

Though he is not able to talk, he responses quickly to instructions given to him especially in class and does not play with academics.

Emmanuel is now improving amazingly with his studies and other activities.

He is not the only physically challenged child enrolling at John William Montessori School, but there are other three children with similar challenges.



As part of VAM's outreach program, VAM has been donating to numerous orphanage homes in Ghana to support our poor children in the society.

Thanks to the individual donors and organizations for supporting VAM'S projects in helping women and children in Ghana and Africa since its establishment.

VAM donated to the Mampong Babies Home at Asante Mampong in the Ashanti Region of Ghana West Africa. At the babies home VAM realized the children lacks certain basic needs for living and decided to help.


VAM donated to the babies’ home food items worth about four thousand Ghana cedis (GHC 4000.00) with cash of thousand Ghana cedis (GHC 1000.00).

Voices of African Mothers also has the intention to adopt some children from the Babies Home to be able to enroll them at John Williams Montessori School.



Voices of African Mothers over the past two years has been sponsoring women from the Northern part of Ghana through VAM's outreach program towards women empowerment. VAM has been sponsored about five hundred (500) people precisely women to acquire skills in basket weaving.

These baskets are produced in large quantity and then brought down to Accra and other part of Ghana for commercial purposes. It is very wonderful and amazing talking to these women how they feel about the project.

Through this outreach program, most women are now able to provide food for their family and themselves. They are also able to send their children to school for quality education. As a result, most children of such communities love to be in school as compared to the former situation. They can also now afford the cost of health care for their family especially children.