26.09.2004 Sports News

MARCEL, A Golden Egg In Your Lap!

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Our wise saying that "anyone who refuses the enthronement of a king is only fit to be a servant" stands and will be how exactly how Desailly may be classified if he reneges on his outstanding pledge to serve his motherland.

I seize the chance to salute the Sports fraternity who saw it fit to consider Marcel for the Black Stars coaching job. For once or now, suggestions are being considered in eanest and God Almighty will surely make us whole and solidly united. It is those outside the arena who see the errors and the best possible moves by players and umpires alike.

Directly to Marcel, I will be your leading supporter and I urge you to grab this chance with both hands, even if bananas and peanuts are being offered or not. It will be your golden egg for several reasons. Ghana undoubtedly is a great soccer nation and I feel FIFA systematically increased the African quota with the hope of having Ghana's brand of football as icing on its most glamourous tournaments.

The talents abound but have lacked the right architect till now for lack of money or foresight or commitment by previous governments till we have sunk almost into abyss.

I would not blame the players since they had never been whole-heartedly and properly catered for ever since the glorious days of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah fizzled out.

If you will eschew complacency, favouritism, apathy and all other trappings that negate success in sports management, you will achieve something beyond your dreams.

Ghanaians are natural achievers in any field given the right atmosphere and encouragement. We also appreciate excellent results so get ready for unheard of accolades that will add healthy years to your life if you are very determined to uplift our image and yours (in coaching).

Please do not hesitate for we need you not only as our own but as our soccer redeemer. You are among our heros so give us the embrace we have been denied for so long. This is your homecoming made in heaven. You have been a great player and captain so prove to yourself and the whole world you are equally capable to be an excellent coach or manager. Thank you and may God richly bless you and Ghana.

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