20.09.2004 Crime & Punishment

Police investigates how a school bus got burnt

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Nyinahin (Ash), Sept 20, GNA- Police at Nyinahin in Ashanti are investigating how a 23-seater bus of the Nyinahin Catholic Secondary School got burnt on Saturday.

Mallam Yakubu Dramani, the chief watchman of the school, who was giving account of how the incident happened to the police, said there was no one on the vehicle, which was parked at the premises of the school.

He said he was on duty at about 0200 hours on Saturday when he saw smoke coming from the bus. He then called two other watchmen who were also on duty.

"We tried to put out the fire without success, then all of a sudden the engine started and the bus reversed after which it was completely engulfed in flames".

Mallam Dramani insisted that there was nobody on the bus at the time of the incident.

He said the headmaster arrived at the scene a few minutes later with some members of his household to put off the fire without any success.

Mr C.Y. Koomson, the driver of the bus also expressed surprise at the incident and said the bus was in perfect condition during the previous day.

He, however, did not rule out a possibility of an electrical fault.

Mr A.W. Mensah, the Headmaster, said he was awaken by the barks of his two dogs around 0300 hours on Saturday and when he came out he saw that the bus parked behind the administration block was in flames. He said every effort to put out the fire failed so he immediately reported to the matter to the police.

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