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20.09.2004 Diaspora News

Mystery shrouds identity of African

By Express News Service
Mystery shrouds identity of African
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Rajkot, India -- MYSTERY shrouds the identity of an African man detained by Rajkot Crime Branch since Thursday. The Nigerian has entered India on a Ghanaian passport, which, according to police, may be fake. Emanual Jesper, as he calls himself, is living in the office of Rajkot Crime Branch located on Race Course Ring Road. He was detained near Bhaktinagar Circle on Thursday.

According to reports, Jesper along with his accomplice Thomas purchased a golden chain. However, the jewellery shop owner sent his men behind the two to take note of their identities. As the employees made inquiries about the two foreigners, people thought the two might have run away with the chain.

''When people started beating Jesper, Thomas ran away,'' said Gohel. Thomas has left Rajkot with his luggage. The duo had taken a room in Jaysons Hotel.

Jesper told the police that Thomas, whom he met in Mumbai, had taken away his passport and other documents. This 35-year-old produced a photocopy of his passport issued by the Government of Ghana, though he claimed that he is a resident of Nigeria. Jesper admitted to the police that the signature on his passport is fake. This has led to the police doubt that Jesper is an illegal migrant. His documents have been sent to the embassy of Ghana for verification.

''There is a mystery about his identity. We even do not if Jesper is his real name. He has provided very little information even about Thomas. Besides, he has been changing his statements now and then,'' said Gohel.

''He has been detained and not arrested. We are waiting for the report from Mumbai. He would be arrested if the embassy office confirms that the passport is fake,'' the PI said.