17.09.2004 Disaster

Voting NPP Back To Power, A National Disaster — Asamoah

17.09.2004 LISTEN
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The National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC),Dr Obed Asamoah, has stressed that it would be a national disaster for Ghanaians to return the New Patriotic Party (NPP) back to power in this year's general election.

According to him, if the NPP was returned to power, the economic situation of Ghanaians would get worse because the NPP would increase the prices of petroleum products, utility services and implement other policies that would make Ghanaians suffer more than ever before. He said that the only hope for a better future for all Ghanaians was for them to vote the NDC back on course from the unprogressive direction that the NPP was taking the country.

Dr Asamoah was speaking at a mini rally at Sogakope in the Volta Region where he addressed constituency executive, delegates and supporters of the party from Ketu North and South, Keta, Anlo, Ave-Avenor, South and North Tongu constituencies.

He also used the occasion to introduce the newly-elected parliamentary aspirants from those areas to the people. He said it was a lie for anyone to say that the NDC government did nothing in its eight years of governance, saying that anyone who said that was not being truthful and honest to Ghanaians.

Dr Asamoah said in the 2000 elections, about one million people failed to vote and this gave the NPP the advantage to defeat the NDC by 300,000 votes, adding that it was the party's strategy this time around, to turn the tables and give the NPP a sound defeat.The National Organiser of the NDC, Mr Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, said ever since the NPP took over, the economy of the country had taken a nose-dive, adding that until the NDC was returned to power to salvage the sinking economy, the NPP woud continue to mismanage the country.

He expressed utter disgust at the statement by the Foreign Minister, Mr Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, that the NDC had done nothing in its eight years in government.“By this statement, the minister has exposed his ignorance and I will want to advise him to limit his argument and campaign to his constituency,” he said.

Mr Ofosu-Ampofo said the NPP had run short of ideas and were now doing things arbitrarily.“We need a change in leadership in this country. We need a leader with vision who can take this country from the wilderness into the promised land,” he emphasised and urged Ghanaians to vote massively for Prof. J. E. A. Mills and the NDC.

For his part, the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament and MP for South Tongu, Mr Kenneth Dzirasah, said Ghanaians should vote for the NPP if they were successful in reactivating the Quality Grains project which they had abandoned.”I challenge Ghanaians to retain the NPP government if they are able to reactivate the Quality Grains Project which was meant to create jobs for the people,” he stressed.

The Deputy National Women's Organiser, Hajia Lardi Ayamba, said because the NPP government knew it had done nothing for Ghanaians, it was using money to influence people to vote for them in the December elections.She also alleged that the NPP had created a women's ministry which was doing nothing but doling out money to women to vote for them. She called on women not to fall for this deception but to vote them out of power.

The Volta Regional Chairman of the NDC and MP for Ketu North, Mr Modestus Ahiable, alleged that the NPP was plundering the resources of the country through lavish spending and extravagant expenses.

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