13.09.2004 Crime & Punishment

Remand prisoner displays madness in courtroom

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Accra, Sept. 13, GNA - A 23-year old motorbike repairer who feigned madness in the cells of the Cocoa Affairs Circuit Court two weeks ago on Monday nearly created another scene in the courtroom. Adamu Damalei, who had bathed with a bucket full of urine after stripping himself naked in the first incident this time, removed his trousers, tied it on his neck and nearly removed his underpants when he was asked to mount the dock.

Damalei had been remanded by a circuit court for pouring hot water on two ladies after one of them had turned down his love proposal, while the other had tried to make peace. He has pleaded not guilty to two counts of causing unlawful harm. When he arrived at the courtroom on Monday, Damalei was offered a bench to sit with other remand prisoners but he refused it and rather sat on the floor.

Soon after, he began to undress by removing his underpants to expose his genitals. This drew a lot of laughter from the people in the courtroom. The court, chaired by Mrs Elizabeth Ankomah therefore, asked the Police to send Damalei to the Psychiatric Hospital for examination. The court refused Damalei bail and adjourned the matter to September 27. The police are expected to show the results of the medical report to the court on the next adjourned date.

On August 30, this year a Circuit Court remanded him for pouring hot water on the two ladies. This did not go down well with Damalei and he stripped himself naked, poured a bucket full of urine on his body and banged his head on cell's metal gate soon after he was sent to the Cocoa Affairs Cells. Damalei, who was waiting to be sent to the James Fort Prison began screaming: "My father is a chief," "My father has a lot of money, Do you know me, I am mad, I won't go anywhere."

The Police had a hectic time handcuffing him as he struggled, his body slippery with urine and its stench. He was, however, over-powered and taken to the James Fort Prison. The case for the prosecution was that the two complainants were tea sellers.

Chief Inspector Emmanuel Y. Amegah said two weeks ago the accused proposed love to Ms. Sandra Aggrey, the first complainant who turned down the overture. Damalei was offended and sent emissaries to Ms. Aggrey to inform her that he would subject her to beating whenever he met her. The prosecution said on August 23, this year, Ms Babie Ramatu Abdul-Wahab, the second complainant sent Ms Aggrey to purchase onions and on her return met Damalei, who threatened to beat her for no reason. Damalei later chased Ms Aggrey to a spot where she sold her tea.

The prosecution said Damalei picked a quarrel with her and threatened to pour the hot water she was using to prepare the tea on her. Babie who was at the scene decided to intervene but Damalie hurriedly took the boiling water and poured it on the two women. The women who suffered severe burns on their faces, breasts and other parts of their bodies were rushed to the Ridge Hospital where they were still receiving treatment. On August 24, this year, family members of the two complainants apprehended Damalie and handed him to the Police.

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