10.09.2004 General News

Fate of 1,650 Ghanair workers in balance, As ...

10.09.2004 LISTEN

… NEW GHANAIR CUTS THE “CHOP – CHOP” After studying the workers and management practices of the erstwhile Ghana Airways ever changing authorities, the recently out-doored partners of the government in the airline industry, Ghana International Airline's (GIA), are set to closing all the loop-holes that facilitated the putting of the airlines capital and resources into individual pockets than the coffers of the national airline.

As a first step towards the realization of this goal, the GIA has started moves to acquire automated devices that can readily record and exhibit ticket sales at any given outlet and at any point in time.

Investigations by the GHANAIAN VOICE also found out that apart from the Ghana Airways outlet in Dusseldorf in Germany, none of the ticketing points could tell readily how many tickets had been sold to fly and how many people are ready to fly at any given time.

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