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Prophet Gives Ultimatum To Sponsors Of Ya Na's Killing

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"The Spirit of the assassinated Ya Na, the late Yakubu Andani II would not know peace until the high personalities in Ghana who masterminded his brutal killing own up in their own interest. If within a period of ONE MONTH from the publication of this ultimatum, they fail to own up and publicly confess their complicity in the brutal murder, they will not just be exposed but divine wrath will be visiting them and everybody will know about their involvement in that case." The above words were spoken by the young seer from Obuasi Sudantwoa, Yaw Atta Evans a few days ago in an interview with the Lens.

The seer declared that attempts being made to find the head of the murdered overlord of Dagbon are useless. This is because he saw clearly in a vision that the Ya Na was not just brutally killed by soldiers brought in from a neighboring country purposely to accomplish the dastardly act, but his decapitated head was also doused with petrol and burnt beyond recovery.

Yaw Atta Evans pleaded with all the high profile personalities who were involved not to delay any further in admitting their complicity in the sordid act since the divine wrath coming pretty soon upon them will leave all the people of Ghana in bewilderment. "The Most High God will very soon require Ya-Na's blood from them unless they come in the open within the period of the ultimatum" the seer stated. "One Month is all they have. If they fail to heed the call, then they will have themselves to blame," he emphatically proclaimed.

These declarations coming on the heel of the revelations brought to the fore last week by Dr Sepa Yankey about how the late Justice Afreh was visited by divine Justice within a year of passing his judgment in the Quality Grain Trial, must be pretty ominous indeed.

Yaw Atta Evans declared that the real truth of the killing of the Ya-Na is known to the powers that be but they are doing everything to prevent the public from knowing the real details. He admonishes all concerned (who know themselves), to remember that he who lives by the sword perishes by it and that is the nature of the divine visitation coming on the sponsors of the Dagbon killings unless they pay heed to the One Month ultimatum he has issued to them.

He said he received words in the vision addressed to Prof Wayo Seini. He (Wayo Seini) is being encouraged not to relent in his determination to push until the real truth of the killing is revealed to the Ghanaian public and the world at large.

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