09.09.2004 Politics

Mills Dumps Kwesi Botchwey?

By The Independent
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Events unfolding in the aftermath of the announcement of Prof. Mills' campaign team suggest that the dividing longitude that developed between the Prof. Mills-Dr. Kwesi Botchwey camps during the heady campaigning days between the two for NDC's presidential slot in 2002, is not imaginary.

Sleuth hounding by the Independent has revealed that former finance minister, Dr. Kwesi Botchwey, Prof. Mill's main opponent in the NDC presidential race in 2002, was intentionally not included in the expanded campaign team of the NDC flagbearer. Aides of Dr. Botchwey say they are shocked at the raw deal meted out to the former finance minister, who they say joined Prof. Mills on one of his tours of the Central region some months ago.

Former security head and a core member of the Mills' campaign team, Kofi Totobi Quakyi, once confirmed that Dr. Botchwey joined the Mills tour of the Central region without any prompting from any quarter.

Kwesi Botchwey joined the Mills' tour of the Central Region against growing agitation amongst his supporters that the Mills' group did not show enough remorse for the ordeal they (Botchwey's people) were subjected to during the NDC presidential primary held at the Central Cafeteria of the University of Ghana. It was learnt that Dr. Botchwey, who has gone back to the United States base, has been informed of the latest on the Mills' campaign team and is expected in the country by on Friday to spend the next three months observing events leading up to the December 7 polls. Party watchers are not shocked at the cat and mouse movement between the two shakers of the NDC.

For starters, the two, Prof. Mills and Kwesi Botchwey, have since that 'Black Saturday' of a presidential primary engaged in shadow flexing of muscle. It has been learnt that with obvious pain inflicted on them at the said primary, Botchwey's supporters thought the Mills camp would have apologised for some of the excesses that took place at the Great hall but that was not to be.

The Mills camp is equally not happy that Dr. Botchwey did not honour an invitation to celebrate the victory of the Prof.

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