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Caring For All Believers!!! Points To God As The Farmer With Theleading Ones As His Tools

Caring For All Believers!!! Points To God As The Farmer With Theleading Ones As His Tools
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God would have failed Himself if He had relied solely on mankind to direct the building of His Church.We (believers) must understand that, our roles in the Church equals to nothing more than being instruments in the hands of God to work in God's planted crops or flocks.Jesus Christ once said the crops were ripe yet the harvesters were few.Paul full of the Spirit of Christ brought it home to us, when he referred himself and other leading ones as workers who are just there for the watering and tilling around the fields.The activities of the believers in the Church is like a farmer who just sow the seeds, waters it, and tills amongst the farm yet doesn't know how the seeds dies before germination and growth.

The Spirit of God who becomes one with believers, shows us that such aspects of germination and subsequent growth is the work of the "Master Craftsman" The Triune God.God in His Scripture have not intended issues raised in His Holy Word to be secret codes men not,but unravel.Even when Jesus Christ taught in parables its meaning was shown to us. It is revealed to all who speaks the tongue or language of the Spirit to easily interpret His "Word" meaningfully.Amongst such men He also equipped, inspired and directed the writing of the Holy Word for our teaching, correction, direction, guarding us, and many more. So also is the various measurements and recorded samples and types does have meanings, proper interpretation and spiritual significance.

Take a typical example from (1 King 6:2,20; 3,18,33;Exo. 26) the dimensions of the temple and the Holy of Holies in the temple were twice those of the tabernacle. Furthermore, with the exception of the Ark (v.19), the size and number of the furnishings and utensils were greatly enlarged ( 2 Chron. 4:1-8). This indicates that although Christ Himself (Signified by the Ark) cannot be enlarged, our experience of Christ in all His riches, as signified by by the temple and its furnishings and utensils, should be greatly increased and enlarged ( Eph. 3:18, 14-19; Phil. 3:7-14) to match His enlarged expression.

Eze.40:1; as a result of the rebuilding of the destroyed temple by the returnee Israelites, their numbers might have increased and they will have needed some more furnishings, utensils and other items. God’s building in the Old Testament prefigures God's spiritual building in the New Testament, which begins with Jesus Christ, the incarnated God, as God's tabernacle ( John 1:14) and God's temple ( John 2:19-21). The sequence of this is the advances to the church, the Body of Christ, as the enlargement of Christ Eph. 1:22-23; 2:20-22, and consummate with the New Jerusalem as the ultimate manifestation and enlargement of God's building in eternity ( Rev. 12: 2-3, 15-17).

Literally, the visions concerning God's holy building chpts. 40-48 will be fulfilled in the restoration, when the restored Israel will rebuild the temple and the city of Jerusalem for their dwelling with God in the millennium. The spiritual significances of the details should be applied to the New Testament believers as the components of God's spiritual building, the church; as Paul and our dear brother Bro. Lee and His team makes remarkably interesting.This does not fail to make spiritual and heavenly sense.Borrow yourself time to delve deep into Scriptures

Ezekiel saw the first vision, the vision of the appearance of the glory of the Lord, when He was thirty years of age, the age at which a priest began to function (1:1). He saw the last vision, the vision of the Holy building of God, twenty years later (cf. 1:2), at the age of fifty, the age of retirement for a priest ( Num.4:3). This indicates that to see the building of God , Ezekiel needed more maturity in life. Our current situation is rather, I am the first to admit, many of us might not have been or seen such truth, but many of us rather only possessed vibrancy with zeal, with little or no compassion when it came to preaching, witnessing and teachings. But rather raising our (pitiful) selves far above those who hears us. Often condemning ( due to lack of spiritual maturity and knowledge then) all but ourselves.

The beginning of the year indicates that the vision of God's building brings us to a new beginning. The tenth day of the first month was the day on which the people of Israel prepared for the lamb for the passover (Exo. 12:3). This indicates that every new beginning in our Christian life is based on Christ,( i.e. how much you have spiritually, personally known Him and much knowledge base He has grown in Himself in you, and how much more you indeed need to grow even more in Him).To have known Him as our Passover lamb ( John 1:29; 1 Cor. 5:7), and His redemption.

V.2: To see the vision of God's holy building, Ezekiel was brought from the land of captivity to a high mountain, signifying the resurrection and ascension of Christ. In the land of Israel, a type of the all inclusive Christ as the portion allotted by God to His people (Deut. 8:7), and in the city of Jerusalem. This was the right position, standing, and the angle from where Ezekiel could see such a vision.

Let me digress a bit, come with me to (Rev. 21:10), meaning you ought to be in tune with Christ and His Spirit.Such place is way above human Pickering and interpretation to come to such a vision. Rather we ought to constantly and unceasingly remaining on the spiritual mountain and closer always to the throne. The great and high mountain is in contrast to the wilderness 17:3.It is on that mountain we see our vulnerability which must compel us to be sacrificed for Christ. So that we might see Babylon, the great harlot, such was why John was carried to the wilderness. That he might see the bride, the New Jerusalem, John was carried to a great and high mountain. So we need to be lifted up to a “high mountain” that we may see God's dwelling place for the fulfilling of His eternal purpose.

Dear one, oh dear one we need not to prematurely give out what we have not been lifted up to see and comment on. Our waiting will surely produce result and then after fly like eagle.Join me next week as we continue with our sharing.