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07.09.2004 Gossips

€90,000 cars for under €40,000

By Auntie [email protected]
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The NPP Government has caused to be sold to its Ministers, Special Assistants and its officials the 30 VW Phaeton saloon cars that were imported only a year ago (2003) for the use of the Heads of State who attended the ECOWAS Summit at the cost of 90,000 euros or approximately ¢1 billion each, that the NPP buyers of the cars paid less than ¢200 million for each of the cars which were sold to them without any valuation and without going through any bidding or tender processes, that in order to cover up this obviously criminal behaviour, the NPP Government has caused the cars to be re-registered and the registration backdated to registration periods of 3-5 years ago to make it appear as if these were cars that were older in age than they actually are, thus effectively hiding the identity of the cars, and if true, is this not a clear case of conspiracy, stealing, causing financial loss and abuse of office and of power?

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