19.06.2015 Press Release

Dumsor Solar Power Rescue

By Phil Darko
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Source of light is very important in our everyday life that is why in the beginning, God said let there be light, and there was light to overcome darkness. Basic electrical lighting brings safety, opportunity, and hope. A business with reliable electricity can operate for four extra hours per day; a student can also study at night. For the majority of people leaving in Ghana, the persistent, irregular and unpredictable electric power outages popularly known as DUMSOR, which is roughly translates as “light on-and-off” is affecting many small businesses and the night studies school children. The poor suffers the most from this effect because they can’t afford the expensive petrol generators which are prone of catching fire and also producing hazardous carbon dioxide gas. Poor school children who has banked their hopes in education for a better future has no electricity to study at night.

It is against this background that, Philip Darko, the founder of an NGO, World Partners for Development, USA/Ghana, has designed a Do-It-Yourself Portable Solar Generator named DUMSOR POWER RESCUE. The aim is to train young students in rural communities to use their innovative thinking and build their own Solar Power Generators for their night studies, and also to enhance their economic success through renewable energy entrepreneurship skills. These youth can produce their own solar generators which utilizes the free sun to generate electricity, and can power up light bulbs, radios, cell phones, laptops, portable Fans and TVs. If Chinese children are able to make such products for us to buy at expensive prices, why can’t we empower our youth to do the same. Good governance is attainable with youth empowerment.

Learn more about the project for your youth to participate at .

Phil Darko
World Partners for Development, USA/Ghana

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