05.09.2004 Regional News

Clergyman advises Ghanaians against voting for arrogant candidates

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Kumasi, Sept. 5, GNA - A clergyman has advised Ghanaians against casting their votes for arrogant and intolerant candidates, and candidates with a track record of violent behaviour in the coming general elections.

Bishop J.N.K. Boateng, Founder of the Gospel Revival Church of Christ, who gave the advice said should such characters be elected to unto power to man national offices, they could easily undermine the current peace and security the nation is enjoying. Bishop Boateng gave the advice when he addressed the close of a five-day prayer session of the Gospel Revival Church of Christ held at Sofoline, Kumasi at the weekend.

The prayer and fasting session, which is a monthly affair by the church, was used to offer intensive prayers seeking divine guidance for the nation, especially during this election year.

Bishop Boateng urged Christians in particular to be wary of candidates who are arrogant and with affection for violent conduct, since they could use their negative conduct to disintegrate not only state institutions, but also religious bodies in the country. He said politicians had taken Ghanaians for a ride for far too long, and that time had come for the electorate to choose leaders not based on monetary offers and pledges, but rather on the conduct of the candidates and their ability to evolve pragmatic measures for solving the problems of the country.

Bishop Boateng spoke against the use of abusive words on political opponents as a tool for swaying the electorate to vote for candidates, stressing that such a strategy can no longer win elections for any politician.

He advised that politicians should rather begin to address issues on their political campaign platforms, since that was the only strategy that could pave way for the winning of elections by any political party or politician.

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