NASARA NPP Extends Ramadan Greetings To All Muslims

By NPP Communications Directorate
Headlines NASARA NPP Extends Ramadan Greetings To All Muslims
JUN 18, 2015 LISTEN

The Crescent Moon was sighted yesterday for the beginning of the holy Month of Ramadan today. I therefore, wish on behalf of the Nasara Wing of NPP, to congratulate all Muslims in Ghana and all over the world. As we observe this sacred month of fasting and prayer decreed by Allah, in the Holy Quran: "O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed upon you as it was prescribed on those before you so that you may learn self-restrain" Quran 2:183.

Ramadan, is a time to strive in fortitude and being modest towards our maker for forgiveness. And as we refrain from food and drinks from dawn till dusk for twenty nine or thirty days, we should foster for National Cohesion as a people.

I humbly call on all Muslims to uphold the universal values of Humility,Love,Empathy for the less priviledged and Thankfulness to Allah for the blessings bestowed on us. Let's use this period to pray for mother Ghana and also rededicate ourselves to the service of Allah and Humanity.

Beyond the abstinence from food and drinks, we equally owe it to ourselves, in resolving to making sacrifices that will eschew vices which may slow down the Peace, Progress and Unity we all need for National Development.

Today I join with the over 1.5billion Muslims worldwide in welcoming this blessed Month. May Allah accept our prayer and fasting.

Ramadan Mubarak!!!
Kamal-deen Abdulai
(National Nasara Coordinator)

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