17.06.2015 General News

PM Express: Can corruption be fought from within?

PM Express: Can corruption be fought from within?
LISTEN JUN 17, 2015

Mr. Daniel Batidam will be on the Hot seat with Nana Ansah Kwao this evening on PM Express.

The renowned anti-corruption campaigner, who was once free to stand on top of the roof and shout and point fingers at the ills in government and society, is now in as an adviser to the President on corruption.

Can he stay in and fight or should he quit, go back to the roof top and yell again?

How will Ghana and Africa be able to reduce corruption? And now that he is on the African Union (AU) Advisory Board on corruption, what does he bring on board?

Join Nana Ansah Kwao IV this evening at 9pm on PM Express, on the Joy News Channel on Multi TV.

This is a must watch!

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