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The Development Of A Successful And Sustainable Oil Palm Business In Nguti Sub Region Of Cameroon

By Betockvoices, The Farmers
The Development Of A Successful And Sustainable Oil Palm Business In Nguti Sub Region Of Cameroon
LISTEN JUN 17, 2015

The development of a successful and sustainable oil palm business in Nguti sub region of Cameroon that encourages, supports and helps the local farmers to increase their own palm oil production, saving the rain forest, raising the living standards of the local communities is needed, welcome to TalangayeRed financing company, “saving that failed palm oil plantation project”.

TalangayeRed financing company encourage a collaborative approach to tackling sustainability issues, recognising that it is by working together with TalangayeRed clients and TalangayeRed supply chain that we can harness new ideas and technologies to create innovative solutions to sustainable development and save this failed oil palm project in Cameroon.

TalangayeRed financing company will be committed in engaging with and supporting the Nguti sub region local communities not just through the economic benefits that TalangayeRed bring to the sub region of Cameroon. TalangayeRed believe in investing in community development and conservation programmes, including providing and improving roads, drinking water, health and educational facilities for local communities.

TalangayeRed will construct more water bore holes in the local villages to provide safe drinking water for the local communities and complete new farm to market roads.

TalangayeRed are committed to a policy of zero corruption, bribes, intimidation, and stop any form of illegal logging of the forest. TalangayeRed will not exploit or export timber to raise cash for this business not like other companies.

TalangayeRed financing company will take great care to engage with local Chiefs, landowners and the local communities to ensure TalangayeRed businesses respect their beliefs and culture. TalangayeRed will take great care to engage effectively with the local landowner and oil palm farming communities to ensure there is a real benefit to them from TalangayeRed business activities and partners. TalangayeRed do this by funding a number of community initiatives, and helping local farmers to achieve better yields by sharing TalangayeRed experience in the latest palm planting and husbandry techniques and by encouraging the implementation of best practice.

In addition to TalangayeRed business plans it is of fundamental importance to the TalangayeRed that we help develop a well-structured and successful palm out-grower programmes, attracting resources from financial institutions such as banks to fund and further grow the palm sector. TalangayeRed business special Initiative on oil palm plantings will help smallholder farmers in planting oil palms in an effort to promote economic development and save a failed palm project in the sub region. TalangayeRed also promised to offer fair prices, ensure a commercial scale oil palm mill that would be accessible to all smallholders in the sub region.

TalangayeRed financing company also promised not to pollute the surrounding ecosystems with run-off, sending the chemicals used in the cultivation palm process streaming into local rivers. The drive for profits has endangered the ecosystems upon which these profits are made not TalangayeRed who are committed to promoting the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in a balanced way.

The focus of TalangayeRed sustainability strategy is the implementation of best practices thereby maintaining an appropriate balance between the economic, environmental and social responsibilities. TalangayeRed realise that the full support of the local communities surrounding our business plans is vital to TalangayeRed success.

TalangayeRed financing company benchmark “our practices against the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (“RSPO”) and the United Nations Global Compact (“UNGC”), and engage stakeholders proactively”.

TalangayeRed financing company “love for fauna and flora, a team-mate to the local environment and environmentalists, a buddy for life to the forest creatures, and sophisticated business partner to the local communities”

TalangayeRed financing company is own minister!

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