National Righteousness, National Development & National Blessings: The 'jesus Factor' And The Role Of The Christian

By Rev. S. K. Fianko-Larbi
Religion National Righteousness, National Development & National Blessings: The 'jesus Factor' And The Role Of The Christian
JUN 16, 2015 LISTEN

Righteousness exalts a Nation but sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34). Nations will be judged on Judgment Day. For now the Lord judges no nation; nations only reap the fruit of their deeds. The Cumulative Righteousness of any Nation is the Sum Total of the Individual Righteousness of Citizens.

Righteousness here means applying godly principles in everyday life consciously or unconsciously; the opposite is Wickedness. Let 'Rx' represent righteousness level of a person and 'Wx' represent the wickedness level of the same person. Lets take the population of a hypothetical Nation to be 'P'. Hence Average Righteousness (Ar) of a Nation at any point in time is the Sum of the difference between personal righteousness and wickedness of all citizens (Rx-Wx) divided by the Population. Hence Ar=SIGMA (Rx-Wx)/P.

Only the Lord knows the Ar of every country but as humans, we can deduce the Ar of a Nation by the level of systematic socio-economic development, political stability, transparency, national unity, accountability, care for orphans, care for widows, care for the disabled, low levels of inequalities, equity in resource allocation etc.

Since the nations sows righteous deeds they reap these benefits even when they don't believe in the True God, the Lord Jesus Christ, at the National Level. A Nation can be very prosperous but spiritually dead. The Spirituality of a Nation is measured by the Total Number of people in an active relationship with the Lord Jesus (and not by the number of people in Church). It is this critical number of people who introduces heavenly dimension to National life through their prayer of intercession for the Nation and sharing of their blessings with society.

No matter how dead a Nation is spiritually, there is always a remnant who are in Christ Jesus. Usually, remnants are up to 10% of the population. It is through the prayers of these remnants that revival breaks out in a country. A country can develop just by their righteous deeds without recourse to Jesus. However the 'Jesus Factor' introduces heavenly dimension to the Nation. It is only through Jesus that we have access to the things that are heavenly.

The heavens bring things that cannot be bought with money nor harnessed on earth. This includes peace of mind and joy in the heart of the citizens; only Jesus gives joy and peace. No president nor even the UN can give joy and peace. The level of joy and peace can be deduced from the number of people who are stressed out in a Nation; sometimes suicide rate is a clue . Lastly, the Jesus Factor accelerates development since the righteous deeds of the nation gives a great harvest than expected through the blessed showing of the Holy Spirit in the lives of truly born again believers. There are general blessings from God for every nation e.g. rain, air, resources etc. But the blessings stated earlier come for and through those who are in Christ Jesus.

For any nation to develop and also receive the blessings of the Lord, Christians are key. The role of Christians in National Development and Blessings includes (1) Teaching godly principles for earthly living, (2) Preaching Jesus; (3) Praying for increased activity of the Holy Spirit in the Nation; (4) Practicing godly principles to set as example to others"

-Rev. S. K. Fianko-Larbi
(Resident Missionary, the Church of Pentecost- Seychelles Islands)

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