03.09.2004 General News

Dr. Yankey Speaks Out

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Dr. Yankey, the released Aveyime Rice Project convict who claimed to have red 45 books within 16 months in prison has revealed certain aspects that happened before his conviction.

Dr. Sipa Yankey, just back from the Koforidua Prisons, is pointing accusing fingers all over the place. Though he claims he bears no one a grudge and has forgiven those who conspired to “send him to jail for no cause”, he says much as the NPP government declared the Aveyime Rice Project a no-show, President Kufuor, Aliu Mahama and cabinet enjoyed produce from the project before “Suppressing the late Justice Afreh to jail him.”

Speaking on an Accra based radio station on Thursday, Dr. Yankey said, a Director with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture informed him that, the sector Minister Major Rtd. Courage Quashigah ensured that a bag of rice each was sent to the President and his Vice.

Also, 20 bags of rice were sent to cabinet for distribution to members, for their enjoyment. What shocked the ex-convict was that, barely after distributing bags of rice amongst themselves the NPP big-wigs allegedly ordered that the rice project at Aveyime was shut down to make it look as if nothing good was coming out of the place.

Dr. Yankey, who felt he would have been released by the late Justice Afreh for no case, was so much annoyed with how the later Justice of the law was forced to change an initial ruling to a ruling allegedly written with a red ink on a one and half page foolscap sheet of paper. He said, Ghanaians need to procure the proceedings of the infamous Aveyime rice affair and judge for themselves whether there was the need for them to be sent to prison for willfully causing financial loss to the state.

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