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02.09.2004 General News

Passengers Rampage on Kufuor's Residence

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The Ghana Airways saga turned very nasty with a mob of angry passengers going on the rampage and heading towards president Kufuor's private residence. They reached about 100 metres away from his residence before they were confronted by armed police who fired warning shots to disperse them. Kufuor was in the countryside campaigning for re-election at the time. Stranded Ghanair passengers take to the streets Chronicle -- STRANDED passengers of the beleaguered national airline, Ghana Airways, yesterday took to the streets to show their anger at the treatment being meted out to them, which has resulted in their not being able travel for several weeeks now.

They were to have travelled weeks ago, but for the current problems of the airline and the consequent unavailabilty of aircraft.

Before hitting the streets, the angry passengers first besieged the premises of the airline's main office and then proceeded to the residence of President Kufuor to personally express their displeasure, but they were stopped by the police, who told them the President was not at home.

After the attempt to present their petition to the President at home had failed, the angry passengers blocked the road leading from the President's house to the airport junction to wait for the arrival of the Minister of Roads and Transport, Dr. Richard Anane.

There were some nearly ugly confrontations between the demonstrators and the police, but the latter were able to convince them that their problem would be solved in no time, so they should go back to Ghana Airways office and wait for a response from the minister.

When Dr. Anane arrived later, he told the demonstrating passengers to hold their peace because plans had been put in place to enable them to get back to their respective destinations.

According to him, a B747 aircraft, which carries about 456 passengers, was being made available to for them and they would begin to leave on this Saturday.

He urged them not to worry because they would be compensated for the hell they had gone through, and apologized on behalf of his ministry, and the President for any inconvenience caused.