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02.09.2004 Politics

Rawlings Must Be Blamed For The Indiscipline

By Crusading Guide
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That Has Afflicted Our Society

Ex-President J.J. Rawlings has been accused of being largely responsible for the indiscipline that has afflicted the Ghanaian society.

According to Mr John Ndebugre, First Vice Chairman of the People's National Convention (PNC), the lack of discipline that has permeated all sectors of the Ghanaians society, must be blamed on “Mr. Rawlings for introducing a lot of disorder in our country”.

Speaking to “The Crusading Guide” recently, Mr Ndebugre said one way of introducing discipline in the city of Accra and reducing the strain on its limited infrastructure is to stem the influx of the youth from the rural areas to the city. “I beg to state that if I had my own way, you would need a visa to enter Accra”, said Ndebugre.

According to him, it is not proper for people to be allowed to drift aimlessly from anywhere to the city “because in a civilized and properly organised society, before you enter a place you must indicate why you want to enter the place, for how long you are going to stay, and how you are going to sustain yourself”. He said, the city authorities must be provided with the relevant information to enable them determine whether the applicant's stay would be in the interest of the city and for that matter the State. “Some people are simply a nuisance in the city-a strain on the limited infrastructure”, he said.

Ndebugre also identified the absence of what he called 'the recognition of and commitment to the interest' as one of the factors leading to indiscipline and low productivity. “In Ghana, we don't have a national interest; it has not been determined like it is in America and elsewhere, where all and sundry must recognize it and live up to it”, said John Ndebugre.

He said in Ghana, our individual interests are very limited and against one another, thus limiting our aspirations and creating chaos, indiscipline and their accompanying negative effects. Ndebugre said a PNC government would revitalize Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's Workers Brigade and mobilise the unemployed for the productive ventures. He gave the example of Malaysia and Korea, which 47 years ago had almost the same per capital income as Ghana, but had shot ahead, as borrowing some of the technologies Kwame Nkrumah wanted to implement in Ghana.

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