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A 'Certain' Politician

By Kofi Arkoh
A 'Certain' Politician
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This, in no way, is meant to be derogatory towards Tanzanian politicians*. But, look, among all the humours that have decorated the face of the Afrikan soil, none speaks so vehemently about a 'certain' Ghanaian politician than this.

Once upon a time, a politician lived in the land of Tanzania, in those times where Tanzania was not ‘treated’ any well by a certain politician. But, this particular politician did not want to be like the ‘others’.

The new hope? To him, his country was being treated unfairly by others that are greedy . And he, being touched with empathy and loving sympathy for his fellow countrymen, decided to contest for a position and be the 'Messiah' to redeem his nation.

He started preparations and campaigning. As usual, he lambasted, cursed, criticized, and heaped fires of insults on the head of the incumbent. He earned the trust of his people as they saw hope in him! And by the strange hands of nature, his campaign was most successful; he won the seat! 60 days after being sworn into office, this often outspoken politician has all of a sudden become dead- silent. Not only that, the state of his people has grown worse than before.

His people were too much shocked so they decided to pay him an unannounced visit to his newly acquired ‘castle’. They went there (and strangely enough when they got there he was eating), and upon their insistent demand to tell them why things keep on growing worse since he assumed office, this is what he told them: “My mouth is full”.

Truly, (metaphorically and literally) his mouth was full! His full-mouth had blinded his eyes to the problems his people were going through. His full-mouth has denied him his better senses and judgements?

His full-mouth ‘transformed’ him from a man who condemns the wrong to a man who embraces it?

The story is no different from the experiences here in Ghana. Just that in Ghana, it is not only his mouth that is full, but his feet, his stomach, his cheeks, that of his wife(ves), concubines, allies and family too*.

A certain Ghanaian politician does not care enough (that is if he cares at all) about the plight of his people. Give him the power, and he will use that same power you gave him to cheat and rob you and your country.

He does not know words such as right thinking, empathy and sacrifice.

And even if he does, they do not make any meaning to him. He has little respect for integrity; he has much respect for greed and gluttony. And he enjoys taking his voters for granted.

It has been told that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely* (Is it Lincoln who said this?). I say power only corrupts the person with weak character, the person with weak conscience, the person without love for his fellow countrymen. But, what can we do? Demand from him accountability? (Well, Yes). Demand from him better governace? (Yes!). Demand from him better projects and policies? (It's your right). What can we do to this certain politician? Show him red card as a referee would show Suarez if he bites someone? You are the referee! Check your thumb, it is the evidence! Wait, And who even says the substitute could even be a better player? Wake up!

The writer of this piece is KOFI ARKOH
He is the founder of INVICTUS CENTRE
Contact him on 0541788442 and share your thoughts

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