05.06.2015 Opinion

Our Attitude Must Change

By Karim Ewura Adams
Our Attitude Must Change
LISTEN JUN 5, 2015

I must say that its with great disappointment that i wrote this at this particular time of the day.

I was in disarray when I sat down to read what some friends of mine posted in a whats app group with dismay.

I thought for a second “ are these person really Ghanaians who have fear for God and for dead people?”

I have always said that I am a Ghanaian and for that matter at any point in time i speak for Ghana and not for any political party no matter how it may be difficult to say

We all know from every angle that it is only one Person that determines if it should rain or not

The Holy Qur’an tells as us that He this one Person says “BE!!! And it becomes”

This one person is no other than the Creator of whatever is in the heavens and is in the earth

Since when did the president of Ghana become responsible for preventing heavy rainfalls and fire outbreaks

I believe that there is something called destiny and if you the person reading this equally understand and believe in destiny, you will bear me out that whatever God destines is what happens

Lets be realistic as Ghanaian, put fear of God in our hearts and call white white and black black

I do not understand why we always have to politicize issues of National concern that have got no relationship with any political party.

Yesterday’s incident in Accra shouldn’t be something we should start affiliating with political parties saying that the government of a political party is not performing its duties well. We are all to blame.

The president together with his able lieutenants initiated the National Sanitation Day to enable us clean our country of filth,clear our drainage systems to make way for water that is likely to cause flood and how many of us care about it?

Most of us do not even care about it, we drink water and drop the water bags into the same gutter that we were supposed to clear of filth.

We clean our homes and dump the refuse into these same gutters and what do we expect? That the gutters shouldn’t get choked

Moreover we are advised time and again not to build in water ways and what also happened to that? We feel that the authorities are being harsh and selfish because they are not in our shoes when they come to demolish our homes.

In the same vain we are always advised against illegal connection but since the Ghanaian man will always want to be smart to get whatever we want, we will obviously not heed to that and when our homes get burnt as a result, we blames somebody else.

When we are advised again to build our houses only on plots of land that our pockets could get for us, we manage to steal part of the plots meant to serve as roads for easy access so that in cases of fire, we can easily get a fire fighting truck into the vicinity to help put out the fire. Yet we always blame government for our woes.Must it always be so?

What we fail to understand is that these same people we chose to lead us also want the best for us all but do we give them the necessary cooperation?

We must change our attitude and stop affiliating issues with political parties when they have no relationship with them. If we really want to see any change in our country and an end to flood then lets do as we are told. Lets stop littering, let stop building in water ways,lets stop building along water bodies, lets stop building on plots that are meant for roads, lets stop illegal connection and lets all participate in the National Sanitation Day to help safe our country from future disasters.

I stand for Ghana and i speak for Ghana. Where do you stand?

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