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Blatter Kept A Clean Sheet In Promoting African Football—GFA Boss

GFA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi
LISTEN JUN 3, 2015
GFA President, Kwesi Nyantakyi

President of the Ghana Football Association, (GFA) Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, has observed that Africa would be missing outgoing FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, since he exhibited so much love and commitment to develop African football by promoting Africa at all levels of the game.

According to the GFA President, Africa would indeed miss Sepp Blatter following the shocking news hitting Association Football that he has resigned from his post at the world's highest football body hence pending an extra-ordinary congress, a week after his re-election to take up his fifth term of office.

It would be recalled that out of the 206 valid votes, Blatter got 133 while his closest contender, Prince Ali from Jordan obtained 73 as neither candidate was able to obtain the two-thirds majority for an outright win. Prince Ali then withdrew from the race in the second round

Mr. Nyantakyi was speaking on Good Evening Ghana, Metro TV's flagship current affairs evening programme on Tuesday night.

Sepp Blatter's image was soiled and his fifth attempt to seek re-election had come under severe threat following widespread corruption allegations involving a USD $10-million against him by the USA and Swiss investigators in relation to the 2010 World Cup which was hosted by South Africa. This was the very first time the FIFA World Cup was being hosted on an African soil.

Mr. Nyantakyi, who also happened to be a FIFA Delegate rubbished all the allegations saying it was an attempt by the aggrieved countries to fight back after their hosting bid attempt failed.

This, he cited included Australia, USA and England, that sought to paint Blatter black and give him a bad name such that people could shy away from voting for him.

Mr. Nyantakyi could not hide Blatter's achievements showering songs of praise on the outgoing FIFA Boss.

“The World Cup for instance since its inception was only swinging between South America and Europe until 2002 when Blatter shifted it to Asia in Japan and Korea, then 2010 in South Africa for the first time.

....So Blatter’s immense achievements in the development of football is what has made football what it is today.” Blatter stood against opposition from the Europeans when South Africa won the bid to host the World Cup for the 2010 edition."

He explained that South Africa at the time faced a lot of opposition even at FIFA Executive Committee Meetings because the Europeans felt security could not be guaranteed in Africa, and that Africans are animals amid all those kinds of negative beliefs about Africa.

"Under Sepp Blatter, Africa’s slot at the world was increased from 1 to 3 and then with time from 3 to 5 where even Ghana had had the chance to benefit from these slots by qualifying to the FIFA World Cup. Talk about the various FIFA Goal projects, this was a Blatter initiative throughout Africa and the world over which the Europeans themselves have benefitted. I have a strong feeling they just want him out"

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