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Arthur Kennedy Is A Rubble Rouser

31.05.2015 LISTEN

On the 30th of May, 2016 Dr. Arthur Kennedy wrote his usual rubble rousing letters to the media in which he made allegations and inferences which can at best be described as the ritual rubble rousing by a man who is supposed to know better.

Dr. Arthur Kennedy seems extremely very comfortable always flying to the media from his base in the USA than activating the party procedures to amplify his concerns. I am tempted to name him “Media Maradona” in terms of how quick he is always willing to use the media than use the grievances procedure of his party.

Dr. Arthur Kennedy, it must be explained, was once appointed by Nana Addo to manage the campaign communication for him in the 2008 elections. He knows Nana Addo very well than some of us and that is exactly our source of worry.

I do ask myself anytime he writes articles in the media to either denigrate or malign Nana in situations like this that have nothing to do with the Flagbearer whether his intentions are made in good faith or not.

He seems to have gross detestation for Nana Addo which has eaten so much into him to the extent that he thus forgets to follow the party laid down rules in doing some of the things he does.

It was a needless disrespect for Nana Addo for Arthur Kennedy to write his provocative letter less than 24 hours after the Leader and Flagbearer of the NPP had called for calm in the party and asked that Kwabena and Afoko should not be denied access to the party office. Nana Addo rather suggested that rather than resort to violence, the constitutional way of doing things in the party should be the preferred option in the circumstances the NPP found itself.

The insincerity of Dr Arthur Kennedy is that he never spoke or condemned Kwabena and Afoko for travelling to the Upper East Region alone which started all these brouhaha in the party culminating in the barbaric and gruesome better of Chairman Adams of Bolga.

And when Regional Chairmen are asking for Kwabena and Afoko to step aside for full investigations to be conducted in the events leading to the murder of their colleague, he blames those calls as faults of Nana Addo! Yes Nana Addo is the leader of the NPP for now but for what reason should he be blamed when the colleagues of Chairman Adams are leading the calls to find justice for one of their own?

As of the time of writing this article, the Minority MPs in Parliament, Council of Elders of the party and supporters of the party from 9 Regions of Ghana have formally asked Kwabena and Afoko to step aside for investigations to be conducted into the murder of chairman Adams in which a brother of Paul Afoko has been formally charged with murder.

Why is Dr Arthur Kennedy calling and fighting for Afoko and Kwabena to stay in office at a time majority of party supporters are insisting they should resign but deafening mute about calling for Justice for Chairman Adams? What kind of selectivity is that, Dr. Arthur Kennedy?

I am terribly disappointed in you for always choosing the media rather than the party structures of the NPP to express your disquiet, disgust or unhappiness about events in the NPP and even Nana Addo.

Are you looking for media popularity or working for the right thing to be done in the party and country? Even though you are a medical Doctor, you seem to have your reputation earned from writing some baseless letters than how good you are doing as a medical doctor!

Whether we like it or not Nana Addo is the only Flagbearer of the NPP for now. There is no other faction. We have gone pass the Presidential primaries era and have now gotten to designing good plans for Mother Ghana to save the many Ghanaians from the shackles of the very bad economic and social policies of the government of President John Mahama.

Freedom of expression is guaranteed in the Ghanaian constitution and you have the right to enjoy your right to express yourself in any form and manner. But what you don’t have the right to do is to continue to undermine the leader of your party for reasons only you know. What makes your case, Dr. Arthur Kennedy, disturbing is because of the close relationship you have had with Nana Addo in the past and now.

Why can’t you phone him and discuss some of the things you are unhappy about? Why can’t you use the party structures to vent your anger or hatred but always Jets off to the media to spew your garbage?

Dr. Arthur Kennedy, you are better off doing things right in much the same way you want things to be done right in your political party, the NPP. It is strange and suspicious in all shapes and forms that you are always loudest to talk about how you perceived things to not be going well in the NPP but not using the right methods in your approach.

Until you begin to do things right, for now the only description I have for you is “Dr. Arthur Kennedy the Rubble Rouser”. Let us not forget that we are all in one party called the NPP. We either swim or sink together, my brother. Have a nice Day.

By Akilu Sayibu, Tamale North
Email: [email protected]

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