30.05.2015 Press Release

RE: Kpando Municipal In Massive Rot...As Pressure Group Demand The Removal Of MCE Over The Sale Of ECG Poles

By Youth Watch For Accountable Governance
RE: Kpando Municipal In Massive Rot...As Pressure Group Demand The Removal Of MCE Over The Sale Of ECG Poles
30.05.2015 LISTEN

Youth Watch for Accountable Governance unequivocally distances itself from the cited publication and wishes to state without fear of favour that this publication does not come from the group, neither does it represent the aims, objectives and principles of the group. In principle, we call on the Power Ministry to constitute an investigation into the issues of sales of Electricity poles in our earlier publication.

To set the records straight, we are interested in the development of Kpando and as such, we devote our resources to this worthy course. If there are factional differences in the NDC party, we expect them to resolve it internally. We would not take lightly with unseen hands who out of fear and timidity or mischief, would use our name to achieve their goals.

They are advised to refrain from this because it amounts to impersonation. We have genuine and pressing issues as well as mind bugling questions devoid of politics and personality attack with the MCE and the Municipal Assembly ranging from telecommunication cable theft, ramble strips, bad nature of our roads, security, road equipment, revenue collection, traffic light, et al.

The first press statement released by the group was on the 24th of December 2014 which we later discussed on Lolonyo FM and the MCE was called to respond to the issues raised which she did to the best of her knowledge; we are not satisfied though. As a decent group full of vibrant young men and women, we resort to dialogue to get issues resolved and we only release statement to the public domain if the latter fails and if reasoning is compromised with intimidation.

The first dialogue we had with MCE concerning the ramble strips was really heated but at the end we all agreed that the quality of work was not up to standard. She ordered the work to stop and the road made motorable until the right thing is done. We left her office relieved and fulfilled. It was very unfortunate on her side to attack our persons publicly at a public forum that we came to her office to insult her. We understand her from where she is sitting; we have been tagged at one time as NDC, the other as NPP, MCE’s faction, MP’s faction etc. It is true that every member of the group has a political affiliation, a sympathizer of a political party or a floating voter.

When it comes to Youth Watch for Accountable Governance, we remain resolute to the aims, objectives and principles of the group no matter which party is in power. To this end, we disclaim the publication as follows:  The group has not called on the President to remove Hon. Adinyira Paulina Delali from office.  The group is non-political and non-religious, hence the statement that Youth Watch for Accountable Governance is a pro NDC pressure group is unfounded and a fallacy.

 The Group and its core executives have no knowledge of the publication and we have no such record on our file.

 We have our own take on the sales of Electricity poles in the Konda community which we are still investigating and a press release will follow in due course.

 The group is not in any way meant to destabilize the governance of the Municipality. We are responsible for our actions directly or indirectly arising from press releases approved by the core executives and genuinely signed by the President and the Secretary of the group with a copy on file. No single person in the group has the authority to issue statements for or on behalf of the group.


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