26.05.2015 Social News

Family Deity Angry At It's Members

By Issah Alhassan
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A FAMILY at Akokoaso, a farming community in the Offinso North District of the Ashanti region in Ghana has incurred the wrath of their family deity, following their inability to perform certain rituals to appease the angry god.

Array of misfortunes including untimely deaths, destruction of property, youth imprisonments, among others have befallen the family in the past two years they have failed to pacify their divine being.

Nana Kwadwo Nkansah, the spiritual head of the family in an interview noted they were obliged to appease the powerful deity with the blood of a now at large family member in line with tradition.

The distressed spiritual head explained that the runaway family member, Maxwell Kofi Baah,a servant of the deity, desecrated the sensational goddess because he became a Christian.

Nana Nkansah pointed out that Kofi Baah, who in spite of his young age was heir to the spiritual head role because of his long term association with the deity, refused to serve the god because of his new faith.

What broke the camel’s back, he said was when the escapee upon returning from a church service one Sunday afternoon, to the surprise of many vandalized the deity’s sacred abode for the reason that it was sinful to worship idols.

“Because he knew the consequences of his actions, he left the village to an unknown destination and has since not return” the worried spiritual head indicated, stressing that innocent members of the family were paying the price of Kofi Baah’s actions.

Claiming the actions of Kofi Baah were serious acts of desecration, Nana Nkansah said the only way the family can assuage herself from the rage of the deity was for a pacification ritual to be performed to appease the angry god.

In doing that he explained Kofi Baah should be found and brought back to the shrine for his blood to be used in the appeasement ritual in line with tradition, an exercise they have failed to do in the past two years.

He said though, their efforts to find Kofi Baah for the necessary rites to be performed have failed to yield positive results in the past two years, they would continue their search till they are successful, saying “we cannot continue to bear the brunt of the livid god”.

According to him, the family since time immemorial has never witnessed range of misfortunes like what they have witnessed in the past two years, stressing the unfortunate spectacle was a resultant effect of Kofi Baah’s despicable action against the god.

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