26.05.2015 Feature Article

Contemporary Gh Girls; Where Is Your Feminine Dignity?

Contemporary Gh Girls; Where Is Your Feminine Dignity?
LISTEN MAY 26, 2015

I am not a feminist but I would speak for girls not necessarily like a feminist concerning this delicate issue. I am saddened by the trending lifestyle of many contemporary GH girls. And it appears contemporary GH girls have become neglectful of their feminine dignity by blindly following the dynamics of globalisation.

Also, why should a contemporary GH girl in dire need of felicity sell her luscious body and dear soul to some boy? And they have now become finicky about what romance is with their blinkered attitude! I must confess that I now have little reverence for contemporary GH girls because of that evil.

Moreover, what kind of girls is our westernised society grooming to manage the future of our society? I am even trying to be a savvy writer regarding this matter though I ought to say what it is. Do you think boys honour you in spirit when you give them constant free sex? I therefore advise you to keep defiling your body and soul!

***Written By: Allan Kweku Buah a.k.a @Sir_Article***

*** (Dated 25-05-15) ***
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