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Gentlemen's Club (becoming A Gentleman 2)

Gentlemen's Club (becoming A Gentleman 2)
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In the previous article we looked at being fit mainly, in this article we are going to look at how to behave outside the home or in public as a gentleman.

One very important thing is not to shout a person’s name outside; it is rude and personall I think its not very gentlemanly. If you need to call someone who is a little far away from you, try getting into an acceptable range or distance or you can just call the person on the cell phone. Shouting someone's name is not good practice.

When walking outside there are some few things we should try and avoid, do not dig the ground with your heels, the heels of the shoes will easily wear off, you could also throw dust unto the person behind you.

You should try not to drag your feet when walking; your feet makes noise when you do that, your shoe also doesn’t last long, and then you collect dust in and on the shoe, your trousers will get dirty as well and sometimes your entire outfit gathers some dust.

When walking, let’s try to walk straight; what i mean is do not walk like you are swerving some darts been thrown at you, or walking like a swinging pendulum and when walking too your belly shouldn’t take the lead and your head should not take the lead either. Walk with your chest out, not so that you look proud or arrogant just enough so that you look like a man and your belly is not ahead. Do not walk with a hunch; what i mean is your back should be straight so that your butt is the only protruding part behind you, this will happen automatically if our chest is out. Try as much as possible to keep your hands by your side, since we are not ladies, let us try not to swing our arms so much when walking.

One thing I have noticed is; we are not normally on time to places, which makes us rush to where ever it is we are going and that is a main contributing factor to why sometimes we walk “anyhow”, if we are on time or early we can take our time to walk so that we don’t sweat before getting to our destination.

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